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  1. Trying to plan ahead for renovation but sellers haven't got the floorplan. Anyone here have a copy of the floorplan? Most units apart from the penthouse are fairly generic, so any unit floor plan will do Thanks in advance! (btw I meant HUDC - typo!)
  2. Yup - Ecolinks was one of 2 or 3 places I saw in Furniture Mall with white options, but none were to my liking cos of that old-fashioned headboard. Anyone got any other options elsewhere?
  3. Thanks for the responses! Didn't take pics, sorry. The problem with the Ikea one - while it looks fine - is it doesn't seem that well built. A bit shaky. So was hoping for something better built, willing to travel anywhere to take a look. Anyone got any idea?
  4. Looking for a white 4-poster bed for my house, which should be completed within 2 or 3 months. Went to Furniture Mall, saw about 3-4 but in general the white ones there were pretty old-school design, got ugly curved headboards etc. I'm looking for one with modern, clean straight lines. Anyone can recommend any shops elsewhere which carry them? I live really far from IFC so will only go there to look if someone can tell me they have one for sure! Thanks
  5. Went there yesterday and you're right! Many many big mirrors at a pretty decent price. The biggest ones they had on display were 2x1.5m. However, I asked if they could custom a 2.4x2m and they said yes - single piece of glass mind you, not joined - for under $2k. Great tip, thanks!
  6. Any suggestions on where to get it custom made? Meanwhile, will check out the Mirror House and Littlewode. Just passed Littlewode in JB yesterday actually, didn't know they had a local branch coming up
  7. Looking for a mirror to place in my dining room. It needs to be at least 2m wide, 1.3m tall. Huge. Either wall mounted or (preferably) the standing, lean-tilted-against-wall type. Anyone saw any in any shops recently? Preferably a modern frame but will consider opulent or ... anything really. Actually, we saw the perfect one in Marquis but it's near $10k. Hoping for one with a more reasonable price tag. Any top-offs appreciated!