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  1. i think i'll have to settle for the little small squares instead...*sigh*
  2. yes, i checked lian seng hin too and they didn't have it. i know, it sells for $1.20/sqft or something at home depot in the US. and it's supposed to be THE cheap tile. not the case here. actually, my dad has them in his toilet, but he's lived in this place for about 15 years. i guess they had these tiles before, but no longer. sadness. if only i could hack his tiles and install them on my wall. haha
  3. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get subway tiles. Subway tiles are these rectangular tiles, normally sized about 3inch by 6inch. I went to Hafary and that other place on Balestier (I can never remember the store's name), and neither had the tile. Here's a link of how the tile looks like. http://www.buytile.com/home.php?main_page=...14&szid=203 Thanks!
  4. oh no no not the furniture casa. it's the casa that's a distributor of various home appliances, for eg., elba and EF... anyway...if the product is good enough...you won't even need after sales service! good luck on your EF...let me know how it goes
  5. i remember reading from this forum (can't remember which thread) that the after service is not that good. casa has had a few problems with that apparently. that's part of the reason i'm so hesitant to get EF. i went to mega discount at kallang leisure park, and think i'm going to end up buying many of my appliances there. the guy there knew i was comparing quotes at the time so he asked me to go compare, and when i was ready to buy, to go back there and he'll give me his best price. so...i think that's what i'll do.
  6. oh so you also have the 3 burner cast iron one? i love that look and it's so hard to find (unless you want to spend a fortune on those upmarket brands). i went to mega discount store, an experience i really enjoyed because the staff are friendly, easy going, and they give good quotes. my ID also tells me it's a reliable brand...i guess i won't know until i actually use it...i did hear that after service by casa is quite lacking though. have you heard about that?
  7. Thanks Pinkieberrie. Yes, so far EF is the cheapest. Then there's also UNO, but I don't like the UNO look as much. Still torn, but I've narrowed down my options to EF and Electrolux....
  8. Looking around for Hobs and Hoods, and have basically narrowed down my options to: 1. EF 2. Electrolux 3. Ariston 4. Rinnai Obvious reason for picking EF is its price, but also because it has the cast iron on stainless steel look that I love. The other brands don't seem to have that. I read through the reviews and most seem to like Rinnai, but Electrolux and Ariston don't seem to do too bad either but are expensive. Has anyone used EF before? And if yes, do you have any comments about this brand? Thanks!
  9. Hi, yours looks like a 3room flat. the cement screeding is very cheap. my contractors are charging 2.2 and above. what do the stainless steel strips do? do you have a layer of varnish over your cement screed? Thanks!
  10. Hi SuperSimon...like what Henry did to your home. Understand he's not available until after CNY, which really works out for me. Can you pm me his details and I'll check with him his availability? Thanks!