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  1. Hi,

    I was looking for a landscaper and found this old thread. Wonder if you still have the Bangladeshi contact? Basically I just need simple touch up to my garden.



  2. My is the old metal gate not chengai. I am not doing reno just replaced the autogate system. I have thought of replacing the gate to changai but costs prohibit quite ex in the region of $1800. I am told that Chengai is heavier so have to consider if the motor can take it. I suppose shouold not be a problem cos many changai gates I have seen are also using the embedded motor. Why dun you look around your estate for sampling of the types of gates you may like.
  3. Just to add further info to my post. After calling a few vendors, I realise that the price for a complete set includes 2 motor, control box with 3 remotes cost between $1000- $1200 that I have found so far. $1000 is quite the norm but I am nnot sure of the brand all came from m'sia like Ranger, Lexion, super100 . I understand they are from the same factory just different branding. For those who are just replacing, ask them to use back the remote and circuit board which will saves you $300 approx. Per motor replacement is $350. Hope this helps. I called Sincere autogate. do a search on the website.
  4. Just done my gate today. Basically replaced a pair of the embedded motor and the coil box at the gate itself. Cost $780 and used back existing remote and control box. The brand is Ranger
  5. Absolutely agreed that prices are way too high. I suppose if you can find a good property and also relatively familiar with the rules overseas where it may be then it is fine. Otherwise I would wait as interest cannot be this low forever and I strongly believe many ppl will be caught out. Even an EC is costing $800+ psf in punggol so I just dont understand how government is helping ppl to own their homes even with the grant thrown in. My take is to be patient in this market and not to rush in unnecessarily... Good Luck in your hunt
  6. thks for all the reply. i will get it done after CNY. will post when i done it.
  7. do you have contact for the gate contractor? I may also consider changing the gate as well.
  8. Hi Thanks for all the replies, sorry TS that i hijacked your post but let's all benefit from it. One of the arm of the gate broke and i am contemplating replacing it since everything is working or else will have to change the whole system as its already 13 years. any chance you can share the contact with me as well as the brand? you can PM me if its not convenient to post. TIA
  9. Any kind souls well versed with autogates or any recommended brands and vendors please advise... I will be replacing mine too. Also appreciate cost of the gate itself made of wrought iron and chenngai.. thanks in advance
  10. anyone to guide me how to post pics?
  11. I have not taken photos of my console but i will try to do it these few days.
  12. So far I am happy with the console, and for my dining table i just search the web and showed them what i want and they are able to replicate.
  13. I have recenlty bought my tv console 1.8m costing $740 and custom make a dining table 1.8m from pagodateak.com.sg located at geylang. I have searched many places and pagoda quality is better than widharja and best of all I can get it varnish to the shade i want. I also got a loan dining table from them at no extra cost while waiting for mine to be done. Just sharing .....
  14. my delivery delayed for 2 weeks, hope no more surprise to come..
  15. Has anyone any idea and recommendations on the above? The motor is showing signs of stress and should be due for replacement soon. TIA...........