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  1. Didn't ask which co they are from... So pissed off at that time
  2. I saw an advertisement near my mom's house stating that they are Chinese Indoniesian PRs. Just sold their private property. Wants to buy a house near our area. Willing to pay $20,000 to $50,000COV above valuation. No agent pls. Stated a miss Wong hp no. Called up, a Mr Kelvin answered, said that they are the agent for ms Wong. Ask About details of my mom's flat. Askling the valuation price. I told him that we are looking at $500,000k. Then he asked me whether the flat is in my name or co-own. I told him my mom's only. Asked me for my mom's singpass. I ask for what we are not engaging him to be my agent, he then told me that how to know how much proceeds will my mom get, and also for paperwork. I told him off no thank you. I can do it myself. Tell me when can the buyer come for appt. I told him tommorrow sunday at 2pm. Then next day 10mins before 2pm his colleague called, saying that the buyer is overseas and that he would like to have a look at the house. I told him no, we expect the buyer and no one mention that the buyer is overseas. He said he knows what the buyer wants. I told him no. He then came up to our house. Asking us if he could take some pictures for the buyer. I said no way!!! Duh!!! Can they do this. Never expect the buyer becomes the agent and then his colleague and then wanna take picture of the house!! Anyone has this experience before.