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  1. Dear all, I'm a newbie and we are considering Linewerkz for our yet-to-be ready home next year. For those who have engaged them, may I know if they provided workmanship warranty please? Is it true that only reno contractor firms provide warranty, those full-ID house don't or choose not to as the contractors are outsourced? Appreciate advice from everyone who is more experienced Thank you
  2. Hi TnJ, I'm a newbie here & we are in the same shoes Thank you for starting this thread as I have learnt a lot from this too. Just went to consult our first ID yesterday, was pleasantly surprised even though she knew we won't TOP till 2011/2012..haha..still keeping our options open though Hope you are doing well with your ID search too!! All the best & Cheers!
  3. don't get roslan...bad experience,overcharge and poor quality, ask for payment worse than loanshark....sheesh.