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  1. Hi valuehunter, My architect has done up the contract and it includes all the info you highlighted above. It is all in the tender drawings i believe so. It also includes like termite treatment, liability for neighbour's damage incurred by the construction and etc. Thank for he hlp anyway. Will give u a shout if i need more assistance and advice. Cheers heatwave
  2. Hi yoongf, Thanks for clarifying on the cpf usage. 1 more question, with regards to the cpf usage, i believe it cant be used for a&a rite. As you highlighted above, it is purely for recon or rebuilt. Appreciate the help. cheers Heatwave
  3. Hi yoongf, You are probably rite, the pool is more like a jacuzzi max for 2 ppl. I talked to my architect and may decide to forgo the pool and buy one of those off the shelves jacuzzi and put in on the roof terrace. I think cost wise the jacuzzi may be a cheaper option. Cheers Ash
  4. Hi Pantieleen, I totally agree with you. I also kena before. Anyway next to my existing house, the developer bougth for 1.1mil and plans to sell it at 1.8mil. When i heard it i got really surprised too. Somemore he was only doing a&a works. Nowadays prices are crazy. Some of this developer units till today also not sold cuz the price are to high. They cannot sell and still dont want to lower the prices to help ppl like us. haha. Cheers Ash
  5. Hi valuehunter, You do not need a team consisting of an architect and engineer to carry out a&a works. Minimum you probably need is a PE and main contractor. The requirement for a PE is for the proposals, drawings and submission and the main contractor for the construction works. The architect is an option. The only reason i got in an architect was to come up with the design of my house. Since it is an inter terrace, i wanted to revamp the whole house to make it look different from other inter terraces, rather then have the standard square shape terrace with some deco. And yes, fortunate for me my architect manage to do it by designing the back of my house into to 2 annexes. She also made some changes to the front to make the existing front of the house compliment the back. If you get a PE to do the design, sometimes the designs are rather simple. But i do know some PEs who are pretty good at shaping the house too. And yes your are right, using an architect will cost you a bit more rather then just going with a PE. But as i said i did not mind spending the extra money as i wanted a *****. As for the tendering process, it is recommended that you do it so that you can compare quotes and look for the best offer for your works. Is is always better to get a few quotes rather then have 1 as you might not know if the builder is overcharging you. The tender process takes approximately ard 2 - 3 weeks and after that you are good to go to sign the contract. To prevent yourself from wasting time, like what i did, i managed the tender process by scheduling it during the period where i am waiting for my submissions to be approved. URA takes abt 4 weeks and BCA abt 2 weeks. By the time all the submissions are approved, i would have already settled my tender and have abt 2 weeks for my main con to prep before building works can officially begin(submission cleared). No point starting works to early when your submissions are not cleared as you cant build anything yet. The most you can do if you want to start works abit earlier while waiting for the submissions would be to get the work site set up and do the hacking works. Hope that clarifies. Cheers heatwave
  6. Hi pantieileen, Thanks for the help. Looking at your response, our works are pretty similiar. Which builder are you using, also did you get an architect. As for the cost, i think mine may exceed my budget becuz of the car ramp. Believe it is going to cost like 30k more to put in a ramp. Sianz. Anyway your works include reroofing isit. Are you going to change the roof structure also. What was your quote for your roofing. Anyway thanks for the info. Appreciate it. My tender is currently ongoing, and will probably get an update next week. Is it possible topm methe contact of your builders as well as the quote. Will able to use it as a guide incase the contractors overcharge. As for the attic, the extension will definitely increase your GFA rite. It is always good to increase your GFA to the max. Just make sure it falls between the A&A limit unless you are doing reconstruction. If i had the option to make an Attic, i also would. Also note the BCA regulations for stairs that connects to the attic. Very impt to note or else your submission wont clear. 30k additional for an attic is abt rite. It is more or less ard there. Thanks for the help. Cheers
  7. Hi leechaorui, Thanks for the advice. Just like to check, what are the main differences between a&a and reconstruction. I understand that there are some additional cost involved other the those highlighted. I also thought the submission costs were slightly higher for reconstruction. I believe, that there is also some financing differences between the 2 rite. Think it has got something to do with the usage of CPF for reconstruction. Cheers, Thanks for the help
  8. Hi, Thanks for the respond. Just to verify that your contractor is a pure contractor or a contractor cum id. Anyway does he do A&A. Could i have his contact pmed to me. Appreciate the help. Thanks. Any forumers have any other good recommendations?
  9. Hi all, I am a newbie to the forum and would require some assistance in getting a good builder/main contractor. I have already engaged an architect and a PE and we are in the final stages of the planning phase. Next week we will be preparing to tender and i was hoping to get a few good builders/main contractors to join the tender. My architect has asked me to scout for a few on my own while she recommends the rest so that it would be a fair tender plus it also gives us more options to work with. Any good recommendations, please PM me. Next i would like to get some guidance of the estmate budget of my works. I bought an inter terrace in the east and the land size is 1722ft. Current built up area is approx 2200ft and it is 2 stories. Planning to do some A&A with a budget of approx 250k. Is it possible for the following works. 1. Built car porch and car ramp (Current house does not have a car slot due to it being on a slope) 2. Do some landscaping for front and back 3. Shift ground toilet position 4. New structure extention of 1st floor and 2nd floor to max allowed. (2m from boundary line) 5. Utilise the top of the new extention as a roof terrace 6. 2m x 2m plunge pool 7. Full tile change for whole house + parquet for 2nd floor and painting of whole hse 8. 4 x wardrobes + kicthen cabinets + 3 x toilet cabinets 9. Boundary walls for front and back + remote sliding gate 10. Change all windows in the house 11. Full electrical and aircon rewiring (Due current elec system is a 1 phase. Plan to upgrade to 3 phase.) 12. Front facade remains unchanged except for painting, windows change and relocation of main entrance due to the creation of a car ramp. (Anyway i cant do much to the front as A&A requirements does not allow more then 50% facade change.) 13. New spiral stairs to access roof terrace. 14. Improvement of drainage system That i guess is most of the works i can think off the calf right now. Appreciate any comments and suggestions.