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  1. Talk abt reno cost.... seriously I think I burst my budget..... would cost between 60 to 70k.... :x Is really a major overhaul.... And yes, all windows redo and wiring of the house... Every single pipes changed.....
  2. They will rush out everything except carpentry which I don't think there's enough time. The workmanship I must say is very good... no complains at all..... just slower....and also met with a lot of public holidays..... Oh also I got a very good neighbor who is good at complaining... My contractor is actually my neighbour... haha
  3. Delay..... I'm suppose to move this Monday and lightings, piping, painting, carpentry all not done. I think I'll move into an empty house first and carpentry would be later.....
  4. how to compare? hehe Resale is on off 1 or 2 units each blk... but this is a whole batch of units at one goal... and is also first BTO in Yishun.
  5. YES! For Jade Springers, you guys can check out the facebook of your RC zone... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nee-Soon-Eas...189832101030499 There'll be a opening ceremony for the residents too...
  6. Hi Kobelala, which part of yishun are u at? Actually all the while I am in yishun..... hahaha been here for the past 13 years.
  7. hmmm I don't really understand what is a square shape dent. Mine need to plaster cause last time the paint was those sand blasted on type where they got a lot of small bumps on it.
  8. welcome to Nee Soon East Zone 10!!!! I got so many new neighbours coming~~~ I've been at this area for more then 10 years~~~~~ Renovating the old flat.... haha
  9. No worries... u just moved to the most ulu part of yishun.... hahahaha Still quite a few years before this side of the town develop up...... Got chance I sure visit u one.......
  10. Didn't manage to take a pic of the house before hacking. Pic taken yesterday. Living room: Cornice hacked, wall plaster smooth. Master bedroom: Weather turned bad and no light. Common room 1: This room will have a walk-in wardrobe (old storeroom) Common room 2: