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  1. The benefits of upgrade your basic MediShield is that your hospitalization expense is as charged, without sub-limits on ward charges or surgery each day. That is no cash premium involve, as MyShield Plus can be pay from your Medisave account. None of the Shield plan insurers - AIA, Great Eastern, NTUC and Prudential - offer any free coverage for children. Aviva is the only insurer among the five to cover free coverage for children. This could be very helpful for parents who are worried their children may have such problems. If both parents of a child are insured under Aviva's MyShield Plan 1 or 2, all their children will be covered under MyShield Plan 2 for free up till age 20. http://www.itradinganalysis.com/2011/02/fr...verage-for.html
  2. AVIVA MyShield now offers free coverage for children in Singapore up to 20 years old at age next birthday, when you upgrade from MediShield to its MyShield Plan 1 or MyShield Plan 2. You do not need to pay the extra premium to get insurance coverage for children. So you enjoy cost savings while your family enjoys comprehensive healthcare protection. Assuming both you and your spouse are covered under MyShield Plan 1 or Plan 2 and you have two children, AVIVA will give free MyShield Plan 2 cover to your children till they are 20 years old at age next birthday. This means that you will save 20 years of premium payments for both children. Annual Premium per child (up to 20 years old) for MyShield Plan 2 is $109.61 Premium Savings for 2 Children for 20 years is $4384.40 http://www.itradinganalysis.com/2011/03/aviva-myshield.html