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  1. I need urgent help on the above. I understand that the best type of sand would be eg mining sand which are filtered to ensure no or minimal iron content to avoid rust stains on walls and floors. My contractor is currently using mud sand for the reno works including cement screeding/plastering and tiles laying. Apart from staining, I understand that mud sand will also undermine the intrinsic strength of the cement. I know that Singapore is short of sand but is using mud sand acceptable? I don't believe it is in many countries. Keen to hear your experience.
  2. I think LHS (shopname) in Sim Lim Tower (second floor) sells Belden Cat 6 loose ie you can buy whatever length you require. Look for Robert - he's a great guy and provides good advice.
  3. Hi all, I'm moving to a landed property in the upper bukit timah area and I'm wondering if i should get a pest control company to check the whole house for any infestation especially termites. So far nothing suspicious but I've been told that because the area is quite wooded, there's a higher risk. Look forward to any experience sharing on this topic. I'm keen to find out what preventive works can and should be done (cost effectively of course) and if there are any recommendations on these companies. Thanks
  4. I suspect so that's why I asked. What's the market price for LG and where should I get this from? I read its second best - compared to Corian? We like the white marble look best but I understand it's impossible to keep free from stains? Assume it's ok for me to source this from somewhere else? How do I get the supplier to fit out the kitchen top properly - do they have to wait for the kitchen carcass to be fully built before the top is installed? Sorry but I'm clearly a renovation newbie here trying to avoid to get fleeced. But I do like the design of this ID.
  5. I just got quoted about $4500 for about 40 ft run of Cresto (white) solid surface by my ID. Wondering if anyone can help me with a couple of questions: 1) Should I go for a different material eg natural stone eg granite or marble? 2) what prices should I expect? 2) if the price is right, should I remove this item from the list and get a separate contractor to do just the top? Would this cause any problems? Appreciate anyone's advice. Thanks