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  1. Can anyone advise what is the acceptable quality for a 3m high sliding glass door, about 1.2m wide? It currently wobble when pushed gently sideway (not along the track but diagonally). It seems secured to the track properly but there is concern nevertheless (kids running like mad in the house!). Is there a minimum thickness of the glass for such height or a certain structural strength of the frame etc etc ??
  2. My new house is almost ready and it's time for the CCTV scan of the underground drainage/sewer pipe. This is required by PUB before TOP can be granted. Problem is the manholes are a few houses away and the owners are not willing to allow access to conduct the CCTV scan. Understand it can inconvenience the neighbours but it is the only way to access the manhole. What can I do if access into the neighbouring houses are not granted ? Help much appreciated.
  3. I heard it is a new requirement. Does your sliding gate cross over the meter compartment during operation? The idea of strobe light is to warn anyone working on the meter compartment that the gate is coming.......
  4. Does anyone know if there is a new rule or guideline requiring installation of strobe light and/or limiter or maybe siren for sliding gate that opens across a meter compartment? Contractor told me it's something new for landed house front gate, due to recent accidents to officer reading or repairing the meter compartment.