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  1. Hi Bluewater, Its a nice picture of the dining light from GROK. Can you please advise where did you get it from and how much did it cost? Also it looks like its LED lighting? You're mailbox full so couldn't PM you. Thanks very much. Regards, Freddie
  2. Hi Ram Ram, Eventually, I did not employ an architect nor a PE. I did an extensive 'research' and worked out a solution (incl clarifying with URA) to renovate my house extensively without the use of architect/PE as I am not increasing the GFA and avoided knocking the major structure/pillar. I believe this will save me at least $15-20k in PE/Architect plus all the submission fees.
  3. Below my quote from Piang Giap last week. I chose to have wrough iron fencing throughout my driveway. The quote is also for 'simple' design only. To Supply and Install: 1 Set Sliding Wrought Iron Fencing Gate: $2,188.00 Vertically Build (Simple design) Hot Dip Galvanised and Powder Coat Finishing 1 Set Auto System: $1,588.00 1 Set Fencing Railing Vertically Build: $1,388.00 Vertically Build (Simple design) Hot Dip Galvanised and Powder Coat Finishing Total price: $5,164.00 Any comments?
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum and hope to be able to get some good advise. Have just purchased an old 2 storey inter-terrace (1957) and am looking to do some renovations including relocation of toliets and reconfiguring the internal rooms i.e. living/kitchen/bedrooms. However, to control cost, I do not plan to move any structure pillars or external walls or increase the floor area. The only pillar I plan to remove is the one at the car porch supporting the roof shelter which I plan to replace with a simple flat glass shelter. I have an old school contractor friend who can help me with the renovations but he recommends that I engage an architect since I am making significant internal alterations. I subsequently made a cold call to an Architect who claims I will also need a PE regardless and the total cost for engaging him (Architect only) will be in excess of $10k. I am not sure if this is the market rate for engaging an architect? Can someone advise if; 1) Would I need both an Architect and a PE to endorse the renovation even though I am not making any structural alterations? 2) How much is the market rate to engage an Architect? 3) Can anyone recommend a good Architect that charges a reasonable rate. All feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks very much. Regards, Freddie