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  1. i think i will just call any electrician...
  2. It's MCB that trips. ((Thanks, Therat... u are right. Didnt know the difference until I saw your links.)) It trips without any reason. Sometimes due to heavy rain, sometimes just outta the blue. Didn't notice that it trip after plugging in appliances. I usually just flip the mcb back and its back to normal for a few weeks. My neighbours dont experience any tripping at all. My HDB is about 16 years old liao, bought it resale, didnt do re-wiring when shifting in. Don't tell me already needs rewiring? Am thinking of just calling an electrician. But have no contact at all. Any of you can recommend one that is honest and dont overpriced? The SAGE uncles didnt do any checking, just keep on saying it should be due to appliances. I googled megger tester, don't look familiar. Will try to see if can borrow ohmmeter instead. Thanks guys
  3. Hi, Appreciate your reply. Circuit box? Is it the one in the storeroom? Each time it trip, got to switch back the main switch found in the box in the storeroom. Is there another circuit box outside? Sorry am very ignorant about such things.
  4. Have been experiencing power trip at my place about 8~10x this year. Can someone recommend a good, reliable n honest electrician that can help me resolve this? Previously I asked SAGE to take a look since they were around to fix a leaking toilet bowl, but they couldnt pinpoint the fault at all. Thanks!