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  1. an update..... My husband called the ID and he said he will send a man down on Sunday to touch up the skirting. The ID did not even bother to drop by to access the situation. So the man came down and silicon WHITE over the grey silicon and tried to fill the nail holes with white silicon (quite unsuccessfully). Now it doesn't look that obviously disgusting as grey but if you ask me to grade it... i give it only a 5/10. As that dude worked on my skirting, he dirtied it as well, i had to use CIF to clean the stains off my white skirting, of which some stains could not be removed. - maybe I will post a photo when i have a chance to snap one.... The ID said that his man in-charge of the false ceiling has left for Malaysia and will not be back that soon and asked us to wait. To me, it seemed that these workers are just here to do the job and just finish it up and go..... with or without perfection, it's none of their problem. and these workers are actually led by the ID/Coordinator. This is what happens when the coordinator is slack. I'm quite sick of chasing after the ID to rectify all these, because he doesn't seem very responsive on his part - probably I will wallpaper the walls to attempt to make the flaws of my skirting less noticeable.
  2. They spent around 6 man hours to complete the whole "project". Most of the time it's 1 man show. I always felt that as a customer/client, you deserve what you have been promised and what you have paid for. I was thinking they should have just put a little more effort to get things right in the first place and it will be a win win situation , customer's happy and they don't need to waste time to come back to rectify problems. after our feedback, the ID will be coming down tomorrow to have a look. see what he says......
  3. Maybe the photo quality is lousy, it is indeed silicon.....it also looks like some patch up job to me though..thats why i'm furious! I thought if it didn't make sense to have grey silicon on white skirting, the contractor will check and clarify with the ID... but no! he continued and completed for the remaining skirting.. and hoping that the customer (us) will just overlook this and take it as completed... the coordinator came and saw, but did not bring it up either. Yea the hole and the uneven paint.... I thought at least the completed work should be at least 95% showroom quality!
  4. After much research on this forum, my husband and I engaged an ID firm to carry out some minor renovations for our place. One of the IDs came down to view our unit and gave us a quote for what we intended to do. To play safe, we told him to break up the quote into 4 stages - we will start with our master bedroom first. Box up the top and install a false wall at the side to make our Ikea wardrobe look more like a built in. Install false ceiling and downlights & repainting the ceiling Install Cornices Hack existing floor skirtings and install new ones. All for $1630.00 We dropped by their office to see and choose the type of cornices and skirting we would want to install. The cornices were alright. But there was a miscommunication on the skirting. Instead of showing us the skirting sample, he showed us the flooring materials, which we pointed to him what we have currently, we thought that he would be fixing a skirting of that colour as well. The day his contractors completed the skirting, we had a rude shock. It was of a total different colour. Instead of grey (that's our floor colour), it was white. - with GREY silicon. I guess it was a mistake on his part which he did not know until he saw it with his very own eyes. He even brought a sample here to show my husband when called my husband called him earlier to ask about the skirting and only then he realised that the skirting installed was totally different from what he actually wanted to install. 4 days passed. And yesterday (2 days after completion), i went back to the unit to have a look at the completed work. I couldn't believe my eyes. The skirting looked like white slabs cemented to my wall. And also the contractor nailed many holes on the skirting to keep the skirting to the wall right after gluing and these holes are obviously showing. Even the silicon was not done neatly. They did some painting of the false ceiling before getting the electrician to add on the lights. And the electrician kinda messed up the paint a little around the light - which is very obvious in the day. I am not sure if I should really be expecting this, because my parents have moved house many times and never once I see such bad workmanship before. Pictures are as below: This is certainly NOT what they will display in their showroom. They just ruined my master bedroom - they worked on it as if it was some factory or store room! I have yet to pay him the balance cheque (not a huge sum though), my husband said I am too much a perfectionist - I should really like to check with you guys if this kinda workmanship is acceptable as "completed" ? Thanks alot~