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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a mini washing machine for washing very small load of floor rags, and mops. Saw a model selling at BHG and online e-bay sg price below $100 sometime ago. Now there's another model selling for more than $120/- which I find kinda of pricey. Would any readers here know where I can buy the cheaper model? or anyone who is interested in selling a pre-owned one? Please email me at minuswei@gmail.com. Washing machine looks something like this http://www.o-digital.com/uploads/2227/2290-1/Mini_Washing_Machine_562.jpg
  2. Hi, My Maytag washer is faulty - it won't drain/spin. I have checked around for repair costs. 2 quotes I get are $35, $85, excluding costs of parts replacement if any. Could anyone share their thoughts about this? Is the higher quote reasonable? Quite puzzled the quotes can be so far apart. Any recommendation of reliable, good service companies appreciated. Thanks, in advance.
  3. Dear all RT forummers, Need help to resolve issue with contractor. Appreciate anyone here can share ideas. I have reached a dead end, trying to negotiate with him. Initially, my scope of work is reposition kitchen sink, kitchen cabinet & washing machine water inlet/outlet pipes and new electrical point. Having agreed on price, after bargaining down, I paid a deposit and got an invoice with the above scope of works (written in chinese which I can't read). My question is, at this point in time, can I amend the scope of work? The contractor is very unhappy when I brought it up and said he refuse to take on the new scope. Must say that the new work scope is sized down quite a lot. Is that a legitimate reason for contractor to turn down job and forfeit deposit paid? Please share your thots... Tq
  4. Hi RT forummers, I have read and enjoyed many postings of RT forummers, who have unselfishly shared their renovation journeys. Am totally envious of the beautiful homes seen in pictures uploaded. This is my sincere compliments ok.. Not indirectly seeking help through flattery. However, yes, I do have a problem, specifically tap water pressure. Hope someone would be able to share their thoughts with me. The problem is the water pressure decrease after I changed my wash basin and wall tap heads as the old ones are wearing out. Don't understand why it's happening. Is it something to do with the new tap or plumber did not do it right? Welcome comments on the quotation too, juz for my own future reference since work already done. The total cost, after negotiating is $240/- Works involved: - Reposition & supply copper pipe water inlet for washing machine - Supply, install PVC pipe for washing machine water outlet. - Labour for replacing wash basin tap and wall tap (tap heads not supplied) Thks all for taking time to read...