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  1. ohh.... so cover 1 ventilation is okie coz 50% nia.... correct??
  2. Need some advice. I got a new flat from HDB. My ID thought that the new HDB should provide haulage service. However, HDB do not provide anymore as the development was completed. Now, he is going to charge me $750 for haulage and clearing of debris. My unit does not come with flooring. So no hacking. Is it reasonable? Any advice??
  3. My bomb shelter got 2 ventilation vent. 1 directly on top the door. The other on other side of the wall. Is it ok to seal the ventilation on the other side of the wall??? My contractor seal them worr..... I read that the ventilation must be open at least 25%. So legal or not har?? "During Peacetime * The ventilation openings provide ventilation for day-to-day use of the Household Shelter. * Leave at least 25% of the aggregate ventilation opening area uncovered so as to prevent anyone accidentally trapped inside the Household Shelter from suffocating. This requirement is specified in the list of “Permitted and Not Permitted Works” (Chapter 7 of the Technical Requirements for Household Shelters) and also mentioned in the door notice affixed to the inner face of the Household Shelter door."