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  1. I am not a frequent forum-goer. Here's the late reply. Ordered http://www.justenjoylife.com/product/lazy-lounge-red/. I wanted yellow but the better half prefers red. Our furniture are teak and brownish color, curtain is brown, ceiling fan is brown, and everything is wood brown. Our living room has a raised dark brown laminate platform. That's where we put the red bean bag and the color contrast is nice. I really like the suede label because it increased the overall aesthetic value of the product. Again, I hate those plasticity feel and this is canvas feel. Suckers for details . It's now the centrepiece of the living room. The Lazy Bag came at the timing as originally expected. JEL was very upfront with us that it's not here yet in Singapore when we purchased it early September and it may take another 4-5 weeks. We asked them if it can be earlier and we thought they say yes which subsequently became a subject of misunderstanding. Was a bit disappointed and thought we have been taken for a ride. The pleasant surprise came when they delivered our lazy bag. It came with http://www.justenjoylife.com/product/lazy-laptop-table-blue/ for free. I want to thank Andrew, the person I liaised with and who personally came with the items. I am sold with the free gift, and it is a very nice gesture given that it's a misunderstanding. I believe many furniture stores would likely have done nothing about it and insist 0 obligations from their side. A word on the Park Mall store: It was very quiet. When I entered, the person don't care about our visit. Maybe it's early for the day, just shortly after they open. Asked them a few questions and the responses are very short. But then again, we were really just comparing and were not intending to make any purchases. They must have felt it through their sales acumen. We didn't want to go back there again as it felt like our bargaining power has dropped.
  2. Thanks for the reply on this. Neat. Thanks to 3Dyms, tailgas and bluesea808. Will find a time to go down to park mall and the random shop recommended. Went to vivocity to check out the lazy bag seat tailgas mentioned. The material is durable type. It's like canvas, with a pvc yet comfortable feel. Very classy looking especially with the nice suede label on the top. Small features like a handle to drag it around and a side pocket for anything that you may want to put in, likely remote control. I think I got what I want. To save me some trouble, can 3DYms try to describe the material from Park Mall?
  3. Thank you. Y lounge caught my eye. http://www.justenjoylife.com/product/lazy-lounge-yellow/ Googled and found lazy bag a Paris brand. Appreciate sharing of lazy bag comfort and quality?
  4. Depends on what you get. I have a replica and its gg strong. Not all replicas means its bad quality. Leather quality is always questionable to the innocent buyer. Not just for replica but for all leather type furniture.
  5. Any advice? Something nice, unique will be appreciated.
  6. brighton is also part of king's furnishing. i don't have a pleasant shopping experience with King's. you can search for King's furnishing in this forum for comments from various users to have a better idea.
  7. I went there once. They are not pushy (actually most shops in IFC are not). But at least they don't tag along customers. I find their furniture pretty sturdy and nice, but expensive for me. I went to Unikhome and Star Furniture to get my furniture. You might want to look at these two.
  8. Hello all, I just came back from King Furnishing @ 55 Jalan Peminpin. We saw the advertisement on their moving out sale and decided to go there to look at their mattresses... It is going to end tonight at 2am. We were served by their sales person who started introducing their mattress, seemingly promoting products leaning towards MaxCoil and Princebed only, their good brands were all displayed further in, but we went straight in just to check them out first. We used MaxCoil before and it is not too bad from our experience. Princebed is new to us; We never hear it nor see it in major stores. However, their male staff was pretty enthusiastic in promoting Princebed to us at a price of 1999 for King Size. We were hesistant and begin surfing our phones for more info on Princebed. We have politely told him we need some time to think about it, and we asked him to go serve other customers first, adding that we will definitely look for him once we made up our mind. Truth be told, the Princebed model introduced to us (Titanium III) was actually pretty comfortable, with bamboo fibre that feels cooler than other beds. The only thing that is bothering me is that I have never hear this before, despite it is offering 15 years warranty. He told us it is from switzerland but till now, we could only find the website that says it is based in Senoko,Singapore. Throughout the time when we were still deciding, he was already saying that we just need to say yes or no to him. Halfway throughout, he decided to give us the mattress with a mattress cover and two pillows at a price of 1699, claiming that someone bought it and didnt collect it. If we are not in a rush, we can get it by Saturday. The fact that someone placed a deposit and not collect it made me more uncomfortable. We finally decided to say no to him, and he got fed up, scolding us that, from our "kuan" (meaning: behavioral pattern), he already knew that we are not interested. He shouted at us, quoting waste of time and efforts, and left immediately. People around us stopped and stared at us. What really disturb us is that, the service attitude is so BAD! The point is, we did not request for his service, he chose to tag along us. He did introduce to us products that got us interested, and we appreciated that, but like any sales, there's no obligations. Further, we have requested time to consider and asked him to go serve others first, affirming him that we will look for him once we are decided to buy. It's the worst service I have ever seen. So for those who are going to shop at King Furnishings @ 55 Jalan Peminpin, be careful of this salesperson. They are moving out, so they might be somewhere else. Also, we are still not convince of the PrinceBed quote he gave us. www.princebed.com is offering King Sized bed at 1999 too. Where's the discount or great deal that he keeps telling us? Another couple was given the same quote by another sales person too.
  9. Hi all, We just got a resale unit and there are some wires running through the false ceilings. We do want to run a few more electrical plugs and powerpoints however, are we able to do this through the false ceilings, instead of running it exposed outside, yet not damage the false ceilings? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, We just got a resale unit, and it comes with a build up wall dividing between the dining and living room area. It was used to hold the tv console feature wall, but the console is poorly maintained and we decided to do away with everything just to make the house look bigger. Question is: 1. Can we do it ourselves? 2. Do we need HDB permit? Thanks!