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  1. icnt

    Home Lighting

    Just to share, After-Sales Service is really important, recently we have bought some lights and free a wall light and my husband want to change the bulb to warmer color, after take out the casing but dont know how to fix it back. We call the lighting shop and ask how to fix it back and the boss personally came down to fix it for us. We really thankful to him and appreciate this kind of After-Sales service. Compared to our recent bought study table, sent the wrong design and colour and still shouting over the phone said that already gave S18 discount why I still complain ? OMG, what kind of furniture shop is this ?? Not sure is this their way of doing business, just to clear their old stock and pretend to sent wrongly and hopeful can get through ?? Finally talk to the boss, ask if this is their way of doing business, fair ! I wont want to waste both parties time to talk further. The boss say no, customer can change until their satisfied.. will you still believe them ? End up, their have changed for me the model that I ordered but with 2 big scratches on table top and side, and now, I have give up and dont bother to talk to them anymore. Just leave it.
  2. I think it is quite common in the market that delivering the wrong item for furniture. Can you imagine, a simply study table also can be wrong in colour and design, it is totally not the one that I have ordered just 5days ago. Never take their business /job seriouly. Reading all types of comments over in this forum, there's still have rooms for improvement in customer service and satisfaction in this trade.
  3. icnt

    Home Lighting

    hi payton, i hv try to download the lighting that i buy from their website but i dont know how to post it on this forum, sorry for my limited computer knowledge , if you are interested, I can email it to you.
  4. icnt

    Home Lighting

    hi payton, Sorry for late reply. ! I didnt capture the image of my lights, i can only post it after my renovation has fully completed. Alternatively, you may browse their website at www.brilliantsourcelighting.com for more information. Hope this could help on your lighting sourcing
  5. icnt

    Home Lighting

    hi there, I have finally settled my lightings. The Sales called me, their new shipment has arrived. Hehe.. service not bad, as promised before. I still find that their prices are reasonable & service is good compared to others :- 1) Crystal Chandelier - $250 (Living Room) 2) Small Chandelier - $184 (Balcony) 3) LED Chandelier - $346 (Masterbed Room) 4) Pendant Light - $106 (Dining Area) 5) Ceiling Light - $170 (2nos for common bedroom) 6) Ceiling Light - $132 (2nos for washroom) 7) Ceiling Light - $42 (kitchen) FREE 1no wall light + FREE Installation + disc % Haha...Total I paid less than $1K for my whole house light, which I think is really a good deal ! Just to share with all and hope you can a good deal as me..
  6. Hi All, Thank you for your recommandantion. Went to Balestier, there're really lots of choices, prices are really various. Confused and cannot decide which shop to buy from. One of forumer recommand Joo Chiat, there are two lighting shop, I decided to settle at the one opposite Guan Hoe Soon restaurant, as their price quite cheap compare to others cos according to the Sales, they direct import lights themselves, and also offering me FREE installation. Many lighting shop change $38 for 1st light and 2nd onwards at $8. Hehe... I can save at least $80.. which equal to 2nos of wall lights. Have bad experience at the one opposite bus stop, 1st installation at $45. 2nd at $35 if it is Chandelier too. Actually, I have selected the design I want but the Sales said they have another shipment reaching a week later, ask me to go back for more choices..Hmm.. he is quite honest and friendly as well. At least, he is not pushing me to pay even I have selected lights that I want just in order to get Sales. :-)
  7. icnt

    Home Lighting

    hi, I went to Joo Chiat over the weekend, visited 2 ligthing shops, the one opposite bus stop, installation is not free actually, I need 2 Chandelier. For installation fees they said, 1st is $45, 2nd is $8. But after much asking, they said for Chandelier, the 2nd is $35. $8 is only apply to simple wall light. I felt a little of playing language games then I decided to re-consider to settle my lights there, after all their price is not that wallet friendly. I walk to another one that opposite a restaurant (Guan Hoe Soon). This lighting shop the interior is quite unique. 1st of all, when I went in, the Sales Person is quite friendly and feel more comfortable over our discussion, but I guess, this is the basic requirement for Sales to face a customer. After looking around, realise that the most important => "Price", its really much much cheaper than others, after much chating, Ohh... they imported all these lights themselve instead of go through agent. A crystal chandelier is less than $300, pendant lights is around $150 only, on top of that... haha... installation can ask for FREE...The Sales say they are not so calculative over this small money.. ( I think mayb he is the Boss). After I have decided on 2nos Chandelier, 1no pendant & 2nos wall lights, the Sales added that they hv another shipment will be arrived in 2 weeks time, to be honest, by then I can have more choices, he suggest me to come back again to decide on the design. Hmm... again,.. I felt that he is not only selling lights, he's offering his professionalism as well. I will definately go back 2 weeks later. Thanks for your recommandation !
  8. icnt

    Home Lighting

    hi, ok.. thanks for your info, will find sometime to take a look. Thanks..
  9. Hi there, I am looking for crystal chandelier, ceiling lights & mirror lights, knowing that there are many lighting shops out there, can anyone help to recommand some reasonable one so that I can narrow down my hunting list. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hi there, I am looking for crystal chandelier, ceiling lights & mirror lights, knowing that there are many lighting shop out there, can anyone help to recommand some reasonable one so that I can narrow down my hunting list. Thanks a lots.