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  1. For sale 2 Sets of White Barcelona Chair plus Ottoman. 1 year old and geniune white leather. There is some wear and tear as per the picuture below. $450 for all Transporation to be arrange by buyer. Please feel free to whatsapp/SMS me at 94500357 if interested and thank you for viewing Jerome Low Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Hi. The tricky part is during OTP phase, no problem and our laywer can't detect anything as OTP was 8-10 weeks ago, developer is very healthy, so can proceed. This incident only happen during our completion period.
  3. Hi. During the OTP phase, which is about 8-10 weeks ago, no problem with the developer. Our laywer has also done the legal/title search and said no problem. The developer being sued for winding up case only take place these few weeks and so happen to be near to my completion date whereby CPF's solicitor happen to detect this. I have seen the letter from CPF's solicitor to my laywer stating, unless everything is cleared from developer's lawyer side, if not they are going to hold on to our CPF money until we inform them about the status again. I went to the site yesterday to see the project and most of the things are already done and happen to talk to the developer manager that TOP will be this week. He is quite unwilling to reveal the issue of the winding up, but say no problem already settle only small problem with their contractors not able to fulfil some of their quality standard. But this is only verbal, my CPF solicitor will not believe this, so I got to get some hard copy evidence to show them or to assure them. But I also thank them for protection my interest so I don't blame them.
  4. dear guys, thank again for the great suggestions and thinking. Im will be going to the laywer again to discuss how we can settle this matter. I think this is 1 very unfortunate case out of 1000 deals. I hope not to withdraw from the sales also due to many uncertainly losses and seller will jump also. I think its best to quickly settle the deal with the seller (CPF not releasing, then i have to find the money to fill up this hole). Then the rest i will deal with the developer whether they wind up or not.
  5. Hi gentlemen, thank you for the advice. Actually I have talk to the lawyer regarding late interest 10% for not completion, 21 days S&P cancelled, 5% forfeit, but they told me its not our fault and will not be liable to pay the late interest as its not our fault. I have already made payment cash+CPF. (before the actual completion date) cash is now with our lawyer, CPF is already approved and now with CPF laywer but do not want to release to our lawyer as they have found out the developer is being sue for winding up. they told me they have done some legal search and this is to protect my interest. its only that Im now worried about the 10% interest, 21 day S&P cancel, 5% forfeit, pay the difference for the seller next property purchase. If the CPF lawyer is not releasing the money, do you think i can come out from my own pocket first again to quickly complete the sales with the seller and the rest of the consquences we will deal with developer.
  6. Hi.Im the purchaser of a new private apartment which is a sub sale. However, we have went beyond the completion date as the CPF laywer is not willing to release the fund as they have found that the developer is being sued for winding up and project is not yet TOP. Can the seller charge me interest as our solicitor has not releasing the amount due to them and its already pass the completion date?