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  1. Yup, give NParks a call. They are very responsive. I had this old coconut tree right outside my house (left behind by the previous owner). So i called up Npark, and they removed the tree for me within 1 week!
  2. Hi chaorui Thanks for your tip. Yes, when i called URA, the officer-in-charge was very helpful is assisting in all my queries, and even forward a copy of the written permission. I was told by my QP that they are gathering all the documents needed for the submission to BCA but i just cant understand why its taking them 1 mth to do so? WP from URA granted on 1st Oct actually. Are you saying that so long i have the WP from URA, we can start work already? Thanks
  3. i've received the WP from URA. now its BCA. its been 2 mths already and my patience is running out.. i am not too sure what is the issue here, the QP or BCA... how long on average do u guys have to wait before getting the approval?