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  1. Hi, seems you got a very good ID. with that much work and finished within 3 weeks. thats great. We just got an EM seems v similar to yours. Can you share some experience with me: 1) the downstairs wash area can not put in toilet am I right? Initially I thought must have a WC downstairs but now pretty much give up on that. All IDs I consulted said not sure since current pipes are boxed up 2) Can message me your ID contact? We got a few quotation but either too expensive or seems not organised. Met a new one today. seems pretty good. Hope the price would be good too! 3) Your place look really nice after the reno! We dont plan to do much renovation so just touch up mostly. Wonder how much yours reno cost? If you dont mind? perfectly ok if you prefer not to disclose... We are not sure of re-doing the bathroom since currently ok condition.... Thanks in advance!
  2. Just to add on. The price quoted by Ikea is about the same as from contractor. It is a bit surprising since with contractor, everything is customized. I saw some complain about contractor used by Ikea here, which is disappointing, but Ikea does correct after complain. While with those contractors, generally small firms, where do you complain to when their work is not up to standard? Still thinking...
  3. Hi, now wonder if you used Ikea kitchen in the end? I am considering them too so would love to hear some feedback. From my talking with them so far, the downside is the "Modular" approach, since theirs all come in standard size. Eg. I hope the top cabinet can go all the way to ceiling but not possible with Ikea. So they have standard height top cabinet and box up the part above. Another more annoying thing is their cabinet legs. I dont understand why they can not build onto my current concert plinth, but have to have legs. And then have some ply wood board clip onto the legs for front view. I can not imagine take those small boards at the base on and off every time when mopping the kitchen floor! Is that really how anyone use ikea kitchen would be happy to do? Thanks for any sharing!