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  1. Yes we give them the cash cheque already done and now is pending for the 4K deposit. this was the first time we purchase house in sg. so everything still fresh to us.
  2. yes, 1000k OTP sign. But 4K execceive OTP haven't sign. yes excessive expired ths week. why u copy the messange before? if u don't do anything please don make our forum topic messy. people is on help and not free to do back search on people background. if u so free to search pls go to others pages. ok.
  3. unless we reject then the 1K forfeit. But if the seller reject the seller will bear all the fine to us and governemt.
  4. My frds married and have 2 kids. but she said that her husband will not touch her sometimes more than 3month. and then husband will doing himself at the midnight after his wife sleep frequently one week one times. then his wife got saw it and ask him, but he keep quiet and said is normal. how my frineds shoud do? now she was very upset.
  5. HI, I bought a hse, but when i confirm wan to sign the OTP and give 4K cheque, seller keep given reason of oversaeas not in sg, only monday 11PM at home, if we wan to sign pls come in 11pm, or only thursday they whole day off, thursday is the last day of expired day of the OTP exessive day. Have anyone oso face a same stituation w me, whether the seller wan to drag the selling time or moving time, we don no. but we feel very unhappy when we wan to sign tis and tat before the exessive expired then seller give alot of reason. my relative stay near the block, they go and check then discover that the seller actually not going to overseas, and whole day stay at home. then we call out agent our agent said the seller agent said they overseas so my agent can do nothing. 1)tell me at this case, my agent shld need to do wht? 2)and myself need to avoid any playing trick by tis seller how to avoid?
  6. 2. Hold till OTP sign ah? but last week when i pass the 1k to my agent, he said Bank LO must sign first then follow by OTP with the 4K deposit. he said if Bank LO not sign, means i don't want the house. so my 1k will auto forfeit. is that true all this? according to u, is i can sign the bank LO by after i sign the OTP with seller & pass the 4K to the seeller then the next day jus sign the Bank LO can la? is it like tis?
  7. Now he have reply to me said that he will leave to his office to handle about my request. So how ? i no need to write in to his office already lor since he said like that.
  8. Thanks for your power reminder to me. i feel more safety now. but have feel question need to ask now. please help me again. thk u. 1) m i need to send a simple request discount offer letter directly email to his company HR deparment? 2) can i go on and contact my banker to sign the LO now? 3) from now this minute start i not going to contact my agent or to remind him as my execcive day expired on 6th december. If on this day or before he not arrange and not call me to give the balance of deposit in the 6th december? Unless he call me. then i answer yes and meet at seller house to pass over the balance of 4thousand.
  9. bepgof, 1) OTP i sign already. 2) Bank LO is waiting for me to sign. The agent still not reply me accept or not accept my request as i sms him yesterday night. haiz.. i think he is act blur now... so how? bcos i think he will ask the banker arrange us to sign the bank LO. then in this coming 6th December is my execceive day expired. means tis day i have to paid another 4thousand to the seller. if now i said don wan the house bcos of this agent commision then my 1thousand deposit will auto forfeit. So How to do now? please give some advice...
  10. chronograph, I not sign any exclusive letter him, he jus email me the commision letter ask me to bring over when meet up for 1st appointment after i sign. But i said i don't wan to sign. i will ask for discount is bcos he only 1st time bring me view house and in the first day and first house in his hand. so very easy and lucky to him. What u mean "if it is me, i will walk" is walk to see others house or walk continue with this agent and move in to this house?
  11. Thank you for ur information & web-site provided. I am just don't want to make thing bigger, frm my mind is at first he was make me very angry bcos when he ask me whether wan the house or not? i tell him give me time, by tomoro i will let him knw, bcos in sunday i view the house, in monday night time i sms him i will let him knw by tuesday before 7pm. then he reply me said "ok he will inform the buyer agent" but in monday morning he call me to push me. he said" the seller agent keep pushing him" "so he cannot wait so long" i said (buying hse is not buying a toys, like $3 dollar and then now is only morning, i said i will let u knw by tomoro 7pm right?) HE SAID" WHY CAN U SAID LIKE TAT? " WHY U SAID LIKE TAT" AI YEH, HOW COME U CAN SAID LIKE TAT" "then never said bye, just hang up my phone. in this situation i was thinking? why this agent suddently like this? i really angry with this kind of thing. then in this case i can report to CEA, the reason wht i shld put on his attitude ? can u give me the point, bcos my english not very good. but if CEA got this services, then i must log-on to report her. then after this, i tell myself if i like the house i can forget it his attitude, then i said i wan the house lor, then i paid him 1K deposit now is during excessive day. i got sms him abt the discount of commisision,, he said is comapny policy. so cannot give me any disount. then jus forget it lor, so hard to buy a hse untill quarell i don't want. i want buy in peacefully nicely... no problem to move in. so u think i need to report to CEA abt his attitude in after i move in the house, or by now?
  12. can i write-in to her company to make a request of discount of commission? who got experience? but end-up the management will call her & if she refuse to give us discount her management also no choice right?
  13. you knw jus now she told me, the cheque commision is issue to her company name , not her, then company will issue back to her little bit only. then law by law. so how to said now?
  14. bcos my agent is female then not so easy la, she sure said law by law one, actually i wan to ask her discount 2K for me, don know can or not, bcos she very lucky, 1st time viewing and first time bring us to view no 3rd house then "Bingo". u knw hw she lucky then my others agent.