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  1. Hi bros and sis, Am looking for referrals to do Wall-Plastering to my living room and masterbed room. Anyone can recommend? How much does it cost? Should plastering come BEFORE or AFTER electricals? Also, BEFORE or AFTER Aircon installation ? Please advise!
  2. Hi, thanks for your advise. I do have other types of tiles for other rooms (kitchen, rooms, etc), that there will be boxes of tiles unopened. So will my ID be able to returned those unopened tiles so there's enough $$ to get a fresh set of featured wall tiles for my MBR toilet (only 20 pcs needed).
  3. Help! Need every bros and sis to advise me: (photo below) Situation: MBR toilet has 2 types of Wall tiles - common (2 sides of wall) + featured (1 side of wall). Tiles went up today. I went on-site to see, realized featured wall tiles are mis-aligned with the common wall tiles. Rung up my ID immediately to inform him that its its not acceptable and the tiles have to align. Main problem: Common tiles are 600 x 300mm (laid horizontally) Featured tiles are 600 x 330 (also laid horizontally) Need solutions! What is the best solution right now? If there are remaining tiles, can they return the balance and use that rebated amount to buy a different type of tiles ?