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  1. Just an update: My last post was about how the electrical wiring for two of my three aircon units had problems and had to rectify the problems. Finally, the last unit also gave up. I couldn't switch it on one fine day. I used short-term solutions for the previous two units. This time I couldn't take it anymore. I told the repair guy that I wanted to redo the electrical wiring entirely. It involved opening up the trunking and replacing the entire network of aircon wiring. It's all because Kaisoon chose to use lousy wires to cut down on costs during their installation. As again, please do not go to Kaisoon. Pay a bit more for other more trust-worthy companies. I may have saved a little during the initial installation but over these 5+ years, I have incurred repair costs. So the total costs ended up the same.
  2. After 3+ years of usage, I'm sad to say that I've encountered some problems with the aircon installation with Kaisoon. Few months ago, i couldn't switch on the aircon unit in one of my common rooms. I called Kaisoon and managed to get someone down to make some repairs to the electrical wiring. Just recently, I also could not switch on the aircon unit in my master-room. I suspected it was the same problem. True enough, it's because of the electrical wiring. I called them and they admitted that they have other customers who encountered the same problem. After consultation with a third-party, the conclusion i draw is that they have been using sub-standard electric wires to connect their aircon units to the compressor. In conclusion, I withdraw my recommendation for Kaisoon Group. They may offer competitive prices but it's not worth the risk of problems in the future. SAD TO SAY, DO NOT TRY THEM!
  3. Yeah agree. I usu do price comparisons but I'm too lazy to do price comparison for every single thing. Just wished that all salespeople were honest people and gave honest advice. Some salespeople just wanna close deals and earn money, which is a sad way to do business. Lucky thing is that this sort of thing dont come up to hundreds of dollars.
  4. --------------- EDITED: NO LONGER RECOMMENDED. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. REFER TO MY LATEST POSTS. ----------------------------------------------- Just installed a Mitsu Elec Sys 3 Aircon for my new home. Went to a few aircon installation companies, compared prices and finally settled for Kaisoon Group. (6841 2212, http://www.kaisoon.com.sg/) Called them, was greeted by a friendly admin (Angie) and arranged for a site survey within the week. The surveyor was friendly too and gave good suggestions for the trunking. The installers were punctual and efficient, reached about 10am. There was a glitch during the installation though. The site surveyor didn't instruct the installers in detail and they ran the trunking in a rather ugly fashion for my master room at first. (I was at wrong too bcos I didn't tell the installers explicitly in the morning.) Thankfully, I went back to view the installation at about 4pm, saw the trunking, was really alarmed and immediately told the installers to redo the trunking. They grumbled a little (altho I'd say the grumbling was really minimal considering it was quite late already), and quickly rectified the problem. They installed till about 6pm, tested the aircons and left. I'd say overall it's quite nice dealing with them. The admin staff is very friendly and courteous. The installers were efficient and rather detailed with their installation, making sure the trunking they did looked good with the sealing, plastering and stuff. Hopefully, the units will work well and be durable when I move in. For now, I'd like to recommend Kaisoon to others. (BTW, their prices are even better than the better known companies in IMM. They even offer a good warranty for their installation.)
  5. For those who are looking for switches & sockets etc, DO NOT go to Precept Electrical. [Chinese: 必胜] [http://www.precept.com.sg/switches_and_accessories.html] [Especially the Toh Guan Branch] My Contractor called me to go buy some switches & sockets for my flat. I was thinking of going to Choo Chiang all along, but since he recommended me to go Precept, I just went there. After buying all the stuff, when my contractor was installing the stuff, he realised all my 3-gang switches were 2-way instead of just 1-way. Apparently, bcos I had chosen MK brand, all MK's 3-gang switches are 2-way and the salesperson did not even tell me anything when I was buying the stuff! To think that that salesperson even asked me whether I wanted Hager or MK in the beginning. My point is that, the salesperson could have warned me about this, but he did not and made me pay for something that I didn't need. Perhaps he knew I am a newbie at this and he just chopped me. And as I'm going to buy more switches, I called Choo Chiang today for a price comparison and I realised Choo Chiang's prices are lower! Should have just gone to Choo Chiang from the start. >:|