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  1. What a racist and bigoted remark!!..Not only are you generalizing out of your limited personal experience, but you’re condescending. Worst combination– being stuck up and wrong at the same time. By implying that Indians are difficult to do business with, why are there contracts for everyone? Might as well have contracts only when dealing with Indians!! In your 'business' deals with other races do you say, no need for contracts, no need for any documents, you are not an Indian, I trust you. Indians do not have anything to prove to you...Your sweeping statements are laughable and show you to be either naive or you have your head in the sand.. Everyone when getting into something with heavy financial implications must do our due diligence. But to stigmatize a race based on an experience borders on madness at the least. TS: your brother must have done his due diligence, but then negative things can and do happen. Stop blaming Indians, there is no need to state the race here, it will not help your case, work on solving your problem, not on this kind of remarks... This type of latent racism is sad and scary for minorities
  2. You are having contractual problems with another party and I sympathise..but I fail to see how the race of the other party is an issue and why you need to mention it? What are you implying by stating their race here? Does it matter that they are Indians?