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  1. We have this maid from Indonesia working for us for the past 9 months. many weird things start to happen after we sent her back to agency for transfer. She used to be a hardworking and thoughtful maid for the 1st 6 months, after her parents call and ask money from her, she is a changed person thereafter due she feel been betrayed by her family. She and her sister departed on the same day to agency 9months ago to work in Singapore and malaysia separately but she never know that her elder sister actually went back home shortly without even starting work. It was only 6 months later when her parents call to ask her for money, Reason: mother is sick and require to pay medical bill. She discover that her mother is not ill at all and the true reason is, they need money for her elder sister wedding. Since then, she feel betrayed and become a changed person. she become lazy with no intention to work at all. She will sleep early around 9pm + and wake up almost 9am. Start to make lots or mistake and spoil home furniture and many others things. We decided to send her back to agency after several time failure to convince and counsel her, even with the agent fail to do that. On the day when she was suppose to send back, my wife did a check on her luggage. 1. we discover a weird panty, sew with something hidden, the maid mentioned it was from her grandmother to her for blessing. 2. we discover the bra she wearing was in a very un natural shape. At the agency office, we told the agent and discover she actually hide some cash, coins in her bra she is wearing. worst thing!!! the agent ask her to cut open the sewed panty and discover my wife, kids photos were inside there!!!! So her grandmother actually know us before she work for us????? Days after she was send back to the agency, our drinking water start to have lots of ants in the water. for a couple of days. lots of small tiny, never seem in my house insects start to appear in my kids room. my wife start to have itchy ness all over the body and some injection and medication it still wont go off. It was until the next maid came. She sense something not right and we told her what we find about the ex-maid. she mentioned, it very common in Indonesia for black magic, all they need to do is just make a phone call back and the "black magic master" will be able to do over there in Indonesia to take effect in Singapore. This is scary!
  2. Get the condo mgmt to look into this. By the way, you should have clarify this before you brought it. The cost will be either share between you and your neighbor or you will bear the majority.
  3. I staying in an EA, I think I have the same model as you 30L Ariston. To replace the old same ariston 30L tank (rusty water). The tank was fix in the kitchen next to the toilet. Setting was at 75%. it took about 1 mintues to enjoy the hot water in the kitchen (almost instantly) good for my kids but took about 20mins for me to enjoy in my room which is about 12m pipe which lasted only about 15mins and the water turn cold too. Did you try in both toilet?
  4. Kids are innocent, do what you can for the kids. Love = lots of volunteering efforts!