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  1. Am not a Case member. Quite lazy & busy to complaint. After browsing thru sm websites & sm threads here, regret to hv engaged tis curtain maker, so few selections & bad wrkmanship. Sigh...shld hv done sm hm wrk. Thanks everyone for yr advc, appreciate it !
  2. They said cannot be done on 1 continuos length, they dont even want to chg the affected 1 panel, needless to say redo. Sian...getting 2nd opinion fm otr installer, so sad a happy reno event has turned horror. Stress to deal wif these despite money spent. Can lodge a complaint to CASE ?
  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/32843456@N00/ The installer came again, push the track more to the left, now the light flash to another side of the wall. Pls see pics for better understanding. Now he suggest to increase the width of the bracket on the pabel of the roller blind to 'cover' the gap on the other side of the window panel, and he cant guarantee this will solve the problem. Faint!
  4. The roller blind installed in my master bedroom window not even sufficient to cover the whole window panel, as a result, light still shine thru & reflect at my wardrobe at nite which is so irritating. So upset, spent $600 on installing tis blackout custome made roller blind but didnt get the result I want. The curtain supplier A kept pointing to the technical points which I don't understand at all, in short he refused to replace, citing reason the track has gone to max etc, but his other partner B came the other day mentioned that we have to pay for the cost if we decide to change another panel. The window measurement is 70" x 53" 33" X 53" 31" X 53" Is it a norm that all roller blind have gaps in between & light can still shine thru for blackout roller blind ? Can anybody advc or do u encounter similar experience ? Am thinking to get a 2nd opinion. Thanks.