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  1. Moving to smaller house where this large fellow will only leave 40cm of walking space if taken along.Length (end to end) - 2.82mWidth (short end; left side when seated) - 1.03mWidth (long end; right side when seated) - 1.7mSELF - COLLECTION @ Yishun Selling price - 1,200.00 Condition - Good (7/10) Age - 1.5+ years old (Q3 2015) Half - Leather
  2. The second round of cleaning was done. They tried using stronger chemicals, and it did make some of the areas better. But my kitchen just has too many years of 'experience' on the tiles.. Can't help it further.. Going to have to sit and think of wat to do... Might follow what Et209 did.. Or maybe something similar.. Still looking for ideas with my wife...
  3. Welcome! Congrats on your new place. Hope to see lots of pictures as your progress goes on smoothly!
  4. Agreed. Free gate might be because the necessary profit is already met so they can afford to 'throw things in' to improve relationships. For smaller projects, you rarely hear about things being thrown in as it eats at the profit margin aft all,,
  5. We wanted to defer. But HDB said deferment is only allowed for CPF grant takers. Those who want the AHGrant must show the rom cert. If we reali wanted to, we could get the house, but had to forgo the AHG which was at least 20K of grant...
  6. Welcome to Renotalk! Looking forward to seeing your progress and pics.. Post alot of em! They speak a thousands words each apparently..
  7. Day 13 - Kitchen Walls plastering has been completed. Toilet sanitary fittings (wetwork items) installed. New MBR walk-in wall also cemented nicely. We love how the kitchen looks 'younger' now without the older fashioned tiles.. I m sure alot of people would have advised us to save the cost here since we were going budget and are planning to rent after 1.5yrs. To just live with the tiles... But we feel that for the cost of plastering over the old tiles (without hacking, saves a fair bit of $$), this was a value for money item in making the originally unbearable house, not just bearable but actually even enjoyable..
  8. Hi there, if you mean the grouping of 4-5 pics into one that you see me doing alot, you can use Adobe Photoshop, and similar. In fact, I use Paint.NET (free online ). Then its just about taking abit of time to copy the individual pics onto a blank image and arranging them. Its not too hard. One advice I can give if you are going to try it, use 'Layers' for every picture. It allows you to work like how our teachers worked with transparencies in school long ago when there were OHPs. If each layer has a pic, when you want to add words, or make changes, you just work on that layer (transparency) and don't need to worry about the others. I'm sure you can google up alot of help online if you are really eager. And feel free to ask here too! I'll def help where I can.
  9. I got my lights from JB too!.. But fans I was hesistant. Cos of the servicing and warranty issue. Did you come up with a solution for that? As in what to do if there are problems? Also, any idea how much the KDK 56" ceiling fan was going for when you were there? My mom's place needs one and I might get it there possibly. Did you consider going to those renotalk recommended places like Parisilk, Goh Ah Bee, Kong Tai and all? And as a gadget-phile, I am very interested to know what that damage was exactly for? Can share your buys? Like wat tv, wat fridge and all? Mine are all budget purchases cos later going to rent out the house. But at least I can get excited seeing the stuff you folks on renotalk are investing in.
  10. I hope mine completes sometime nx wk, before the weekend. I also will be having a second round of cleaning as my kitchen tiles were not very much cleaner after the initial clean. So after the carpentry is done, the 2nd round will be done I understand. I hope it does alot more than the first round. Else, with the rest of the house takin shape to look so much more pleasant, this bit will be a remenant eyesore of the past...
  11. I just went by your site for a quick peek (sneaking around during ofc time ).. Looks like you have alot more things being done after all.. I only overhauled the toilet, and did kitchen cabinet, and remodelled one area of the old MBR. So when we compare the works in that sense, I think your folks are getting more things done in less time than over at my place. But I am fine as is the current pace for mine la. Don't know if I could keep up if it were any faster.
  12. Wow, you really got a good thing. I suppose timing is everything. My wife and I started house hunting 2010 Feb. And the houses (5rm) we saw were going at COV 10-15k (for middle range; decently furnished and mainted houses).... But we realised we couldn't buy without our ROM cert as we wanted the Additional Housing Grant, and the ROM was in Oct. So we stopped and restarted in Sep 2010. But guess what.. The min COV for a 5rm flat was going at 15k, and this was for the crappiest of crappy places. We even had 4rm owners asking 40++k COV. There was a case we tried to neg on a 4rm house asking 30K cov since it was nx block to my parents. We visited in the afternoon and called to neg 2 hrs later. He didn't even entertain us cos people were offering 36k already. And this was not as stylish as your place appeared by the way... VERY painful process. We kept getting rejected and felt quiet pathetic. So we stopped hunting AGAIN. FEB 2011. Started again. And thankfully we found our place. It was in a very very VERY original state. But it was spacious and we got it for the same as you. Our agent (who was with us for the one year period) was smiling and telling us the place must have been waiting for us and us for it. Oh and our house, is in the same block as the 36k cov asking 4rm house we didn't end up getting.
  13. Day 12 - Main Door (Nyatoh - Non hollow) has been painted. Room Doors (Classic doors) have been installed. Plastering of the kitchen (over existing tiles) has begun. Stainless Steel Waterpipe installed for the kitchen.
  14. Day 11 - Piping opening sealed at washing maching base [The old design had a BIG hole in the wall to allow the washing machine outlet pipe into the toilet; the new design has a new plastic pipe fit into the wall and the space around it filled properly] Sanitary items shipped to the house. Floor area between the MBR and the new MBR walkway tiled. Main Door installed. Common toilet tiling completed.