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  1. Yes - Both me and Mr will be ok on 30th Dinner - Blitz is just at Punggol Park - Hougang Ave 8. There is a small carpark in front of the restaurant - but since it's rather small - it's pretty packed. Kitty - Do smear more insect repellent oki? If sit outside you may gana bites since you are so prone to them.. But generally, the chances of being bitten there is much lower than that of Sunset Grill and Bar.. I think need to make reservation - coz crowded at dinner time. Another place we can go in future is Bark Cafe at upper change road north - can car pool and get there for the next meet up!
  2. Fifi with Serene http://www.vimeo.com/4221031
  3. dogs will be dogs lah..they also will wanna test water from time to time if they can stretch the limits.. then just fiercely say NOOOOOO... put them back into their place...then they know there is no CHAM SIONG.... it's about managing expectations..... TAKEN ah....dun mind watching.....afternoon lor...u go send mass sms..
  4. This one is when we finally assure her it's ok to come come follow me along the corridor.. then she will hop down and then walk and look for further approval... once i stop walking..she also dare not advance further it's the basic training they teach in school ba....with leash... Fifi does it without leash without much training also...think it boils down to respecting the alpha person and letting the alpha person lead and direct the walk. once the new puppy that you bring home respects you (may need to be very strict during the first few days/weeks to show who is boss), the rest of the dog's growing up is a breeze. http://www.vimeo.com/4209704
  5. took this just now, now u get what we meant by the invisible boundary at the gate ...hehe can also see now no more using gate, she sleeps in the house and then do her pee/poo at the newspapers beside http://www.vimeo.com/4209601
  6. 17 is ok with me - ray confirm later ok?
  7. tha't is quite a good shot from a camera phone. ok - will keep 27th Mar free!
  8. i dont mind - problem is with committing the leave. sigh
  9. OH! yaya! that was **** funny - wonder what happened after we left man... hahahah i am interested in October too... what are the attractions around that region? Already told him to go find that Chilli - he say he will go nearby supermarkets to go find next week
  10. Bigmouth?? Japan sounds nice- which months are youplanning? And thai food- am all for it! Apple- u say want ask ray to get u chilli flakes fr chennai? Whad are they called?
  11. It's inside seletar camp- I can lead the way. Mr in chennai- so just me. I try sms ma and ce- apple sms cantona?
  12. on for friday - do we have enough people? anyone else ok?
  13. val - you can rent one gown from the bridal shop - i think if you walk in, you will still get a good chance that you will be served. It just takes alot of effort to go walk around all the bridal shops to browse their gowns. quite tiring i recall.. ha..
  14. haha - her pte private apartment... i saw your sashay!!!! silky! so cute!- then your CHH got mate to play with - not so lonely.