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  1. That's why must insist the dealers pass them to you? Coz they won't unless you insist..? Dunnoe lah.. BTW nice house.. LOVE the location.. ^^
  2. Thanks Kristietong and HSH.. Guess it's only just one remote after all.. I've really heard got 2.. Ah well will post back here if I find out otherwise.. Thanks you two!! ^^
  3. Please help give me data leh.. I wanna argue for my 2 remote controls but I need to find out if it really is the market practise first.. If it is 2 per fancoil think my mother already kenna cheated.. !!
  4. In case spoil.. How expensive is your replacement one, equals how much they make by selling your second one off..
  5. Hi, I have heard that aircon manufacturers actually give two remote controls per fancoil. But most companies don't usually give out the second remote control unless you ask for it. The second remote is usually sold to others for less than $100 depending on make and model. Would like to confirm or deny this. Is this true? Which aircon shop and brand did you go to that did or did not give 2 remotes? Thanks very much!! ^^