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  1. Hi I selling my furniture as I moving out and I have to clear most of my furniture. Just name your price and most likely I wiling to sell. The oldest furniture in my house is 5 years old. I stay at Ubi Ave 1 area. Do contact me @ 91780712. Cheers Oh
  2. Hi, I will be moving house in a month time and I need to sell all my furniture and electronic items. The oldest furniture are less than 5 years old and some are even bought few months ago. Pls SMS me @ 91780712 to arrange a date to view my furniture as I can negotiate a good deal with u to take over my furniture at a very GOOD price;) Cheers.
  3. Hi thanks for the advice. But is there any other place where i can place eg. temple?
  4. Hi all, can any one tell me where can I temporary place my guan yi, tou di gong and my ancestor during the period of renovation. I need to get this settle asap as i have to my reno in a week time. Many Thanks in advance. Cheers;)