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  1. Ah, we are not doing whole flat reno. The Master toilet was renovated first, the common toilet and kitchen were not hacked for we still stayed in the flat. Then after the Master bedroom toilet can be used, we started the reno for common toilet and kitchen. In such a case, the old water pipe was kept for the time being (so we still got water to use) until the new water pipe in kitchen laid out. Not updated for two days. Here continue... Day 10, Toilet window not replaced yet, ask the ID, who said it would be changed tomorrow. The electrician was supposed to come today to wire the toilet and other lights. Until lunch time, he did not show. Could not wait for the electrician any longer, I called the ID at 2:30 again. Then he said that the electrician would not come. Very frustrated - should let us know earlier. In the evening (6:00+) the Atom sent an uncle to change the WC. Very strange, the uncle did not want to change it, said that it was not a defect ... That's weird. I asked him to check with his boss, and finally he went down to brought the new one for the old one. Later I found one issue that the fixation screws were not matched to the model. I called the vendor for the problem. The lady who answered the call said she would check for me, but she could not sure if there were spare screws for the model. I checked around, with some friends and surf on the web for the info. Some said that the modern way to install a WC would not use the screw anchor to fix it to the ground. The screw may also spoil the waterproofing. Usually they just use cement or silicone glue to fix it. Will see how the plumber to fix it. If he need to use screws to fix it, then I had to go to the vendor for the exchange, got headache again. Told the ID the WC was here, so he would get the plumber to install it. Ceiling can be painted. But the ID said that it would be done together with the kitchen and common toilet ceilings. Felt it a bit strange, should it be done before the installation of the vanity top? But left it to the ID for the time being. No work done today Can it be completed? The ID asked if we can start the hacking of kitchen and common toilet, for he has applied the HDB permit. However if the master bedroom toilet was not completed, how can the kitchen be hacked? Doing so, the flat could not be able to live in! I told the ID, if the toilet under reno could be used, the hacking of kitchen could not start. Day 11, The window installation done for the toilet, and other bedrooms. Only the windows for the kitchen and the common toilet not touched. The door of the toilet installed too. The tiler came too to complete the rest of the tiles of the master bedroom toilet. Seemed it would be delayed. After 11 days, there were still lacking of electricity, vanity top, ceiling. The WC not installed too, the plumber did not have time to come according to the ID. The ID said the electrician would come tomorrow for wiring.
  2. Continue... Day 7, In the evening check, found some wall tiles had cracks. Will inform the ID. Day 8, The cement mortar for the spalling ceiling got cracks. Checked with the tiler, who said that it's normal since when the cement cured, it shrunk so the cracks appeared. It will be no crack after the plaster and paint. The carpenter did not come today so there was no vanity top measurement. Since the floor and wall tiles were almost there, it should be done as soon as fast in order to have enough time for to tailor and assemble the vanity top. Three days left as scheduled by the ID for the completion of the toilet reno. The toilet was not installed, and electric wiring for the light, water heater was not done. The tiles around the window could not be laid because of the window - had to wait for it. Tomorrow the plumber would come for the plumping works - install water pipe, WC and other bathroom accessories installation, so I opened the WC box for a check, and to measure the size. But ended to find out there was a small sand hole (black, size of a pencil tip) underneath of the bowl. Afraid that it might be a problem for the future leakage, I decide to ask the vendor of the WC for an exchange. The window installation was not scheduled too, so not much works done today. The water pipe leaking ... dripping non stop. Day 9, The plumber came, installed the water pipe and water outlets in the master bedroom toilet, connected to the old pipe from common toilet. The old pipes in common toilet will be changed after its tiling work done. Since the toilet WC got problem, the WC not installed, so did other accessories (tower hunger, spray etc). Generally the water pipe installed is quite ok, but with some damages to the tiles: some chips are hidden behind the pipe, one is obvious crack to be replaced. Cracked tile to be replaced Newly installed water pipe Water heater connected, without electricity connection Water pipe, WC not installed, waiting for exchange Called Adamas in the morning for the change of the WC, where the salesgirl called the WC vendor (the brand of the toilet is Velin - by Atom International). She said the vendor would send a guy here to see what's the problem. Can be today or tomorrow. The ID came in the morning. I checked with him for the WC defect. He said that it was ok, not really a problem. So he said that if I wanted to change it, then today the WC could not be installed liao. I still did not feel safe with such a defect. (The WC cost $350 after some discount, so just wait for the vendor.) The contractor for window and door came today to check for toilet door installation. Problem is that the marble skirting near the door did not keep a space big enough for the door frame. Either he has to cut the door frame (half inch) at the bottom, or to ask the tiler to change the skirting. Picture for the skirting, the toilet door frame (the two red lines) will be right on the edge of it when the door installed. If no rectification, there will be a big gap between the door and the wall. I asked the ID it's better to redo the skirting. Though not very keen, he agreed to ask the tiler to change it. BTW, the skirting is newly repaired for the old one was damaged in the hacking. (I reminded the ID if he synchronized for the tiling and door installation, there would be no such redoing.) Around noon time, a young guy from the Atom came to see the problem of the WC. The Atom's staff was very friendly, and he took a look, touched the defect, within a second, he promised to exchange one for me. I really appreciate the Atom and the staff for it. So I will expect for a new one tomorrow. In the afternoon a carpenter and his boss came to measure the size for the vanity top. Showed them the design and size, just a small cabinet and a mirror frame. I also asked Ben son if there was any 'waterproofing' laminate for the vanity top - afraid the cabinet will be easily damaged by the water and humility in the toilet. What he said is that it was not so easy to damage for a laminated cabinet. Any better quality (2mm laminate?) one for the cabinet in bathroom? I checked, but it seems that only Formica has the 2mm laminate. In the future use, I may use a plastic curtain to prevent the water to spray on to the cabinet directly. The ID asked me if I wanted to rewire the whole flat. I told him that I might do it in the future, but for now I would not do it.
  3. Day 6. Been waiting for the plumber to come to remove the old pipe and tell the tiler where the water pipe should go. Not come the day - according to the ID, the plumber will come to install the WC, new pipe etc later. But the tiler is waiting for him to come to do something Old water pipe and tap to be removed so the tiles can be laid to the wall. Since most of the wall tiles and floor tiles were done, I expected the ID will get the carpenter to come to measure the small vanity top asap, so the toilet can be completed in time. Day 7 The ID said the carpenter would come to measure for vanity top on tomorrow. So I have measured the space first to have some idea about how big the vanity top should be. Since the M.toilet is pretty small, only a small one can be fitted into. Finally the tiler made mind to remove the old water pipe by himself. Not sure how the ID convinced him. Anyway, he got it done. The old tap was connected to the inlet of the pipe in the kitchen. A new tiler came today too to continue the tiling work, for the corner and edge area. The spalling ceiling was repaired by filling the spalling concrete with the cement. No plastic and paint on ceiling yet. The floor tiles sent and tiled, with two more spare ones not used. Understand it is needed in case of broken tiles. Found the last two tiles are not laid as flat as others, although not very obvious - may be caused by the mortar mixed in different time. Some mortar even can be seen out of the tile gap. new tile not flat: mortar out, to check the tiler to rectify it. In the later evening, when check the tiling works, found the aircon water drainage pipe to the floor trap was blocked by cement. Worried and tried to get the cement out. But failed. Called a friend in the aircon maintenance/ repair service to get some ideas. The friend was really good to come my flat to check for us. Finally by pouring a lot of water through the air-indoor unit, the blockage is flushed out. Relieved I also found there are lot of the cement mortar left in the floor trap drainage. If not found it and clean earlier, it will dry out and stick to the pipe or dropped into the drainage causing blockage. Forgot to mention, several days ago, the ID had brought the samples of '3S' solid surface - only brand he showed to us. Anyone is using the '3S' solid surface? Any comments? Heard that it is not 100% acrylic. How about the durability and any issue for maintenance?
  4. So a good ID who should enforce the use of the diamond drill if necessary. Thanks. I would ask for 2 layers of waterproofing for any future works. My first master bedroom toilet already done, bit late for me to re-do it. (It seems my neighbour down stairs did not complain, for the time being.) Hope the layer of waterproofing membrane good enough for the toilet.
  5. I'd like to say, compared to my case, yours are not that worse, though it is still very frustrating. mentioned it before My ID was from Design Street Pte Ltd (Director: Stiff Lee, ID Ben.son Koh), delayed for 4 months without completion, with many excuses. I thought if they could get it done, I would take it, even it is a bit longer. But now it becomes gone case. I went to CASE and the small claim tribunal to claim against them. They did not even bother to attend the consultancy at the SCT. The original company name was called BudgetReno Consultancy. This time, I suspect they are going to create a new name again. For your cautiousness.
  6. Hi jaskel, I have read many of your valuable comments in the forum. Many thanks. Understood there should be some good ones using such drills in the renovation work, but I did not encounter one The ID I engaged seemed not clear about it, just said the kind of tiles was easy to crack, but never proposed any solution to it. Same comments from the tiler, the plumber, the workers who installed the glass door. Maybe they knew but felt expensive, so no one wanted to use that drill in the practice? The bad thing is the ID never say anything about it - just said the tile prone to crack. Is the diamond drill bit expensive? Anything to pay attention when using such a drill for tiles? As for the waterproofing layer (day 3), I asked the tiler about it on Day 4. He said most of his projects used only one layer. If we wanted, he could do it. Then we got to see the delay of the work - he could not complete the tiling in time for others to continue the jobs. Anyway there will be another waterproofing layer (day 5) and one layer of cement + W1 to be laid on the floor before the tiling. So we did not insist for the repair of the first layer. Is it true with cement +W1 the floor will be waterproofing? Or with enhanced waterproofing property? Day 6, The tiler asked the removal of the old water pipe and install a temporary pipe for him to use. Called the ID. The plumber did not come. So the old water pipe and tap were still there, the tiler could not do anything about it. Called the ID again, who then phone called the tiler for whatever arrangement. Felt distressed, such coordination works are supposed to be done by us or ID!? The tiler mixed the cement, added W1 into the mixture, said it would enhance its waterproofing property and strength. the tiler sent his worker for the Floor tiles not enough, the tiler said. So he asked me to get the ID to send the 8 more tiles here. Today most works were done by one of his workers. The tiler also asked for the new water pipe layout, for him to open up holes on the wall. Seemed he knew how to open up holes without cracking the tile - if the tile cracked, he just changed it before it was laid onto a wall Pictures taken after the tiler left. Seems nowadays all the tile edges are treated by a PVC tile edge trim. One issue is the plastic trim may not be fastened to the tiles, so there can be obvious gaps, either due to the tiles not laid flat, or the plastic trim not straight. We found it and told the tiler, so the tiler fix it with a tape. The picture shows the yellow glue remainder (in red circle) after removed the tape once the cement cured. PVC edge trim Part wall tiles laid Part of floor tiles, the basin drainage and aricon water drain are hidden under the tiles. Floor tiles, can be seen the walls not in right angle. New things look good Most tiles were up, waiting for the ID to arrange for electrician, plumber then the carpenter to come for their job.
  7. more pictures: Day 5, waterproofing and wall tiles on, note that the old water pipe is still there: no tiles can be laid. I have asked the ID to arrange for the plumber to fix it. No response yet.
  8. Hi emobebe, Just sharing, and hope the experience can be a little bit help to others too. Day 1, after hacking picture: Continue to Day 3 of my reno: To check with the ID Ben.son: to reminder the tiler to do 3 layers of water proofing for kitchen, to keep the aircon pipe in place and to add a temporary water pipe for the toilet work. The old one to be dismantled. The water pipe layout. Found the ID was quite blur on what to do first and what to do next. The tiler came only at 1pm, found the small vent pipe was still there, to be hacked. He asked the old water pipe to be replaced otherwise the the tiles could not be laid on to the wall. (In the early morning 9:30, asked the ID when the plumber would come, said he would come at 3:30.) The ID said he would ask the plumber to change the pipe. So tiler kept questioning on it, I then questioned on the ID too. In the day, the floor was laid with one layer cement mixed with 101 - kind of water proofing materials. Since the old water pipe could not be removed by the tiler - no tools to shorten it, the tiler left it as is. Part of the wall was laid with a layer of cement. I found that newly laid cement covered the aircon pipe too! Luckily I saw it and asked the tiler keep a hole with the pipe there! Bit angry the ID did not come to supervise and not tell the tiler too. Wall with cement laid: For the floor, it was laid with some waterproofing - to be dried before further works can be done. The tiler left quite early at 2:45 - no other works could be done. The plumber did not come before the tiler left. Finally a plumper came at 5:30, checked the water pipe. The new cement layer was not dried yet, but the plumper need to work on the pipe, so stepped on the 'soft' floor - left many footprint, the layer seemed not flat too. Afraid the waterproof might be a problem. It was easy for the plumber to cut the pipe. After shortened it, he still left a short pipe (original one) with tap there. Asked him if the pipe to be installed so to leave a space for tiling, he anyhow said the space was enough. Although in doubt, but let him go. Called the ID for a better arrangement and keep with the schedule, for today there was almost no major works done. One day 'wasted' because of no coordination. Other events: Checked when the Windows to be changed - only one week later. The items for M.Toilet such as WC, water heater, tap, basin were delivered. Unfortunately I did not open the box to check the WC if there was any problem - later found a small hole on the bottom of the bowl. Before the WC delivery, Adamas called to say that the model we ordered has no stock for the size we want, so they asked if we would accept another model with the size we need (similar mode, bit expensive, but they would not ask for extra $). Glad to accept the offer Here is the new model: Day 4. The tiler came at 2:40pm. Very late, finished at 5:00pm. To lay tiles on wall. Then lay a cement layer on the floor. The aircon drainage (I bought from the hardware store - $3.00) and the basin drainage was hidden in the cement layer. The tiler came at 2:40, claimed to buy the aircon drainage pipe connector. Day 5. Wall tiling job. Ask the tiler to lay another layer of waterproofing. Ask the ID, what is the new water pipe layout because the tiler wanted to leave holes for that. The ID did not have any idea about it. Just said the water pipe would be done later. Read from the web the homogeneous tiles can crack if not drilled carefully. Asked the ID, no idea about it. Again, refer to some web, it said that need to use the so called 'diamond drill bits' to drill the homogeneous tiles slowly, then no crack! But seems no one do it in the reno industry? (edited to add images)
  9. My experience, if the ID firm is big with some reputation (CASE, HDB registered etc), you may get it solved by complaining to CASE and HDB. If it is a rogue you encountered, it would close the company, then it's too bad for we customers - long term tussle or no hope to get anything back/anything done.
  10. Applied the HDB permit for renovation for the Master bedroom toilet first. Started... The day before, we wrapped all the furniture (sofa, bed frame, cloth cabinet, TV...) with plastic film, and news papers. Day 1, hacking... Before the hacking in the morning, the workers came with carpets, to put on the bedroom and living room floor to protect the marble tiles. We have told the ID and the workers to be cautious not to drop/throw/drag the bags of the heavy hacked tiles and cements on the floor. (Although we reminded it, some of the workers were still throwing the bag filled with the hacked tiles on the floor. But after reminded again to the supervisor, they were more carefully carrying the bags.) Very dirty. We also sealed all the other rooms. Remind them about the aircon water drainage pipe through the wall, need to keep it. After the workers left in the afternoon, checked. Found the marble near the door to the toilet was broken. Need to tell ID - Ben.son Koh. The supervisor from the company for windows also came the day. The grill and color of the window were selected. All hacking in the toilet done in one day, since it is a small one. First payment paid too. Asked the ID, any work to start for day 2. No real work done, the tiler was busy for other project. Day 2, ID brought the laminate samples for cabinets and solid surfaces. ID said the tiles to be sent here after 2pm, waited until 5:30pm, the first batch tiles arrived. Called Adamas to sent the items for the toilet in 3 days. The ID asked if we would change the toilets windows too. Originally we did not plan to change it, later I found the old one was actually distorted during the hacking. ID asked for 750 for two toilet windows - far too expensive because we already paid quite a lot for windows. I checked with others they only asked for $400. Of course I rejected the 'offer'. Later Ben.son called again to offer a new price of $500, though still more expensive than others, I felt it's reasonable to give him some profit. Deal made.
  11. Hi Emobebe, The sink is quoted for 280, bargain to 250, labeled as made in Italy, stainless steel. The color is caused by my photograph. The real color is quite bright, but not shining. "Is there anything to consider for buying hood and hob? I am a bit indecisive. Went to Hoe Kee today, the salesman said Fujihoh is better than Techno, Turbo and Rinnai. I was actually considering Fujihoh Hood and Rinnai hob but the salesman kept saying no good for the hob. His reasons are that Rinnai hob not toughened glass which can handle high temperature > 300 degree Celcius and the warranty is lifetime. If crack, can replace once but not the second crack. Hmmm, there are other some reasons but I can't remember. Not well today shouldn't go out.. " I am not expert too. So just select by the style. The glass in the turbo hood and hob are all made by tempered glass (same to the toughened glass?). Warranty is only one year. Bought already, so no choice now for me now. Another problem you may consider, to buy kind of island chimney hood or wall chimney hood. It may cause some troublesome to install the wall one if your kitchen wall is not flat due to the beam. But island one can be hung on ceiling, no modification of the chimney is needed. (Realized this only when the carpenter told us the issue.) Cheers - bN
  12. Hi ngchehyun, as package for both toilets and kitchen, the overall quote is ~21000. seems expensive when I talked to some friends. I don't know how much for toilets only. later I got a quote for toilet floor hacking and tiling (waterproofing), it quota about ~$1000/one toilet. btw total length of my cabinet is abt 25 feet. not really clear it is reasonable or not. I showed one before for Master bedroom toilet. Here is another one for common toilet. But the real one can be different as the tiles may not be found, vanity top may change. Actually I had bad experience with the ID for this, realized that the design somehow was just for 'show'. I still need to go to find the matched tiles (with the accompany of the ID) in Hafary. But it shows that the design can not be fully 'implemented'. Extra decorative tiles to be found - difficult, the background tiles to be matched and it's better that there is no need to cut the tiles further in order to match the design. Common toilet 3D, no vanity top since the toilet is small. The vanity top is put into Kitchen. It shows the original design has some flows. You also need to plan the position of water heater and WC before hand. The tiles are most in 30x60 or 30x30 for toilet wall. If the pattern of the design is not in the size, you will have to be prepared to cut the tiles in order to have the pattern. Cheers - bN
  13. Turbo hood and hob. (The two I checked with other shops, Adamas is the only one willing to give us some discount.) Since some of other items are not the styles we like, we went to the neighboring Sim Siang Choon to bought some more. Good bargain we got too from the shop:) Later we went to IMM to buy more accessories from SSC, got discount too since we had bought items from it before.
  14. Any limitation on the number of pictures that cab be pasted in one post? Have to paste in separate posts for pics. 2 basins for vanity tops and sink, 3 taps, and 2 basin waste traps. (some are not my photo, but same like those from the web, sink tap picture not taken)
  15. Thanks for comments. You're right, it's 4ng - old flat TOP in 1978. BTW, went to your link too, seems your renovation is doing well. Continue for my purchase: The day after selection of the tiles, the ID brought us to the light shop for lights. Originally we only planned to change the kitchen+toilets' lights. but later decide to change the bedrooms' lights too for the ID was willing to install the lights for us free of charge. He might got some commissions? Here is the list: 2 - two energy saving lights for two toilets 2 - 32w normal lights for kitchen. Original design got lights under the cabinet. Felt it was not very useful, and it can be very hot, so we decided not to install any light under cabinets. 2 - in living room, one 32w one 40w, in one light. 3 - bedroom lights. Shopped asked 1000+, bargain to total cost $780, with one free door bell. Is it expensive? (bought, felt bit expensive.) Went with ID Ben.son to another bathroom accessory shop. Got a list of items like WC, taps, sink, basin, hood and hob. After bargaining with the shopper owner, he won't give us more discount. Since we could not make a deal, we decide to search by our own. Then on Balestier Road, near Hafary, found shops Adamas and Sim Siang Choon. Most of the items were bought there. Items from Adamas: WCs for two toilet, only then we realized that we need to know the wall-to-drain distance for the WC. However the ID never told us about the info, nor for the offset we may be asked for. Too bad we had to go back to measure the distance before we can decide. We decided to buy the one-piece WCs, but no stock for the one we like. Luckily the shops got the category, we can select from the style we like. Heard that one-piece WC was easy to clean? common toilet WC: master bedroom toilet WC: