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  1. Hmm, I think shld counter the ID rather den pin pt the Company. Cos I think is pretty unfair for those who put in alot effort on the job they do. As for Kenneth, i do not know him as my ID was Alex. Alex is a very responsible ID i come to know after a visit of more den 10 IDs. After the long search, realized is not the company that serve you but is how good and experience the ID can be. Alot ID is new, so when they quote you or mention something they might not know wat they are talking as reno may seen impossible. As for a experience ID, they can tell you those that is impossible to do esp in HDB and give u a good suggestion rather then just "Yes Sir We Can Do It". As for Alex, I come to know him after he contacted me for my new flat in Compassvale Dr. He is a very puncture and experience ID. He help me plan my house with saving which most of us needed. He like to say " Got Do Got Money, No Do No Money" mean watever he do he will charge but those extra he wont. beginning i tot he was just another ID telling off... blablabla.. but turn out to be true. Every meeting he waited for me as i always late (my wife and 5mth old baby ard), he waited for us even we always late. He will be the one come in the office or in my new house before i reaches there (maybe 1 or 2 time he have another client). But i find him very nice person and now we become good friend. I even recommanded him few friends to him, all turn out to be good. My house reno price very reasonable and for those i ask for extra, he either ask me dun waste money or tell me to save it on another area. Overall he help me save money and he dun drill hole in my wallet for sure. Everything done is listed in the quotation inches by inches. How much he earn from me, he very clearly can tell me off. Most of us wanted is a ID that is responsible and giving u ideas rather then those u cant even find them! when Alex was away for his reservist, another ID replace him just for 2wk, my head dam BIG~! Ask this ask that, that ID cant explain or tell me wat is happen. Even best! Call and SMS no reply~! sad case rite? Even he is in camp choinging~! He find time call me after he know i'm angry..So i do understand how angry it can be when a ID promise something but nvr do it or dun even understand your needs. But for project left undone and push to another person, if we ourselves we willing to take? LOL. As for now, my reno price have been fully paid, Alex still came up to my house or reply me when i found defects. He will find ppl to repair or amend it. No reno is perfect i guess but is the after service is impt. Hopefully everyone can get a good ID that suit their style and concept. Cheer~!
  2. Thanks... At least this are brands i can start looking..
  3. Anyone have any recommendation for a reliable Electric Storage Water Heater? Need ard for 3 person in the house. Been shopping ard but dunno which brand and model is the best. Any pointer?
  4. And i think tat ID after knowing i prefer not hacking the wall, sound "sigh", wont call back. I guarantee that he wont as i got a feeling he wan do a big job rather den just doing a standard. By telling me: Ok i will only help u do a STANDARD design lor, den he hangup the call. Not mentioning who and the ID from... feel disappointed in the way he do thing and act after reading this forum that actually this Firm is doing good.
  5. Hmmm agreed with edenstrauss.. (Nobody wanted such flats obviously. The mentality is that why pay a 5-room price for a flat when there r only 2 bedrooms? Why don't we buy a 3 room instead & pay lesser since it has 2 bedrooms too?) Dun think the best way to hack the room, comparing the Pros to the CONs, best to design the Standard way rather...As my cureent location either a good location as it is at Sengkang area..
  6. Is there any good design my this floor plan can come out with? Cos if dun hack my bedroom wall, he mention he design STANDARD lor... mean wat? Standard mean i walk in every house in the flat look the same or the placing of the wardrobe at my main bedroom toilet?( cos i find a few IDs, all state that my wardrobe place at my main bedroom toilet there...) There no other solution? other den STANDARD?
  7. Recently one ID call in, asking me to hack away the wall in between my main bedroom and bedroom 2. He mention that my main bedroom is consider small. After putting King size bed, there hardly space to walk ard. Therefore he recommanded to hack the wall to replace the wall with my wardrobe. I understand that he is designing my house but what i may concern is, later part if i wan see the house... by hacking the wall, ppl might not like it. I understand hacking wall is cheap but building a wall is EX..But he explain that modern family nowadays dun bother much about how many room left but instead selecting the location of the house and its design. As mine house is a BTO premium, flooring is already done. I mention that i dun desire to remove the floor as i already paid for it. New flooring why remove rite? heart pain.. if hacking the wall mean the flooring may need touch up or redo..another expenses.. Inside me thinking, if I'm the buyer in the near future, I will fight for the price of the house as the wall is begin hacked and even i dun bother much abt it, i might need the room for my future kids..by hacking a wall mean.. 3 room become 2.. Anyone can give any suggestion abt it?
  8. yup, i still currently sourcing for a better ID for my new home.. hope can find 1 reliable and value for budget IDs...
  9. Ya true enough... shld do a rotation of event to different where there is a chances.
  10. Thanks edenstrauss~! nice to have this type of fourm ard Cheer~!
  11. Hi, I'm new here..after reading so much abt fengshui etc...i just wondering... i going to get my new BTO 5 room flat. Only my wife, my baby boy(4mth) and me will be staying there. My new home will have 3 rooms... but think of it, both of us only using our masterbed room. My baby boy surely follow us into our bedroom as he require our attention etc... So i'm wondering, the 2 room that i seldom use... even if 1 room i use it as my office room there will be still left 1 room we seldom use. After i read abt hunted house etc.. fengshui etc... sigh... make me worried...just worry that if any rooms that i seldom use will it make it #$%$... u understand... Hope anyone here can answer my worries...
  12. Hmmm, actually this quotation is from my friend..... tot he giving me a gd offer end up so many high side that he nvr reduce...abit disappointed in him sigh...
  13. Hmm, Yeh i know i need to look for more IDs for quotation, but even so i still need views to compares which i miss out. Such as how many lighting point? This is a good question which i will miss out asking myself as i'm not into all this quotations. I think ppl in this forum might find it useful too.
  14. Yaya it help... i nvr know abt those u mention.... i'm new.. 1st time buying a home.. Thanks soo much~!