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  1. Thanks for your feedback I shall make a trip to Hommage within the next few weeks to do some shopping there...
  2. Hi Ausbee Do you mind telling me how much did you pay for everything? Thanks
  3. Hello there I'm very impressed with your house design and I would appreciate if you could provide me your Id details to me. Have you heard about Ray? Is he good coz I spoke to him today and now waiting for his quotation. Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Wahhhh...got no one to assist me in giving reviews & feedbacks?
  5. Hi All I'm currently in the process of looking for some furnitures for my upcoming new 3-Room Premium home but with my budget, I'm kinda stuck between Hommage and Xclusive furnitures. Can anyone kind enough to give me their feedbacks and reviews between these 2 companies? Shopping List: 1. TV Console 2. Coffee Table 3. Fabric Sofa Set (2+2) 4. Complete Bedroom Set 5. Dining Table Thanks!