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  1. yeahhh he's doing for me. just asking since wanna know usually how long hdb can 'give chance'. "idle mind likes to tink of unnecessary stuffs" haha. side track abit. another curiosity question. if already signed the exclusive agent form as buyer. what happens if still never get a house i like after 3 months? the contract will auto terminate, auto renew or terminated upon request?
  2. hi all, i understand that i need to produce the marriage cert more within 3 months from collection of key. we are only getting married come next year which is around 6 months from now. thus, my agent told me to write an email to hdb for the extension. out of curiosity, hdb will usually allow an extension of how long for us to produce the marriage cert?
  3. Yeah, the mortage loan info at hdb page. It states outstanding balance 150k, outstanding instalment 20k. So the mortage loan left to pay is 150k or 170k (150 + 20)?
  4. indeed buying and selling house is a tough task. thanks to u guys, at least i slowly learning. may i ask a few more questions. 1) since my parents are selling off their house, and not buying another as staying with me in the future.. will they still need pay resales levy once they sell off the flat? they aren't sure if they have used any grants before. 2) if outstanding balance is 150k, and outstanding installment is 10k. does that mean my outstanding loan is 150, or 160 (150+10)? thanks!
  5. side track a bit. what if my parents were to sell their house, and stay with me. their house valuation 380. if managed to sell their house for 420 means 40k cov. so how much will they get in cash? from hdb sales proceeds calculator is 80k. 1) is that 80k = cash proceeds, or cash proceeds + cov = 80, or cash proceeds + cov = 120? 2) does the 50 50 percent rule still applies since they not getting a new flat? sorry i don't quite get it. pls advise. thanks!
  6. hi all, i have a situation. parents are selling their house. i will be getting a house with my fiancee. they will be an occupier. am i able to use their cpf for my new house? thanks!
  7. Can someone advice me what should I say, or what rights I have, if the hdb officer insist I add my name as e 3rd owner, and if not, they will do a compulsory acquisition on my parents flat? Although of the plan to instead sell e flat, and downgrade?
  8. thanks again for all the replies, good people. i have actually have the application approved for my name to be included as the 3rd name for the house. just waiting to sign for the formal transfer agreement before its finally concluded. however, now that i've decided to go ahead with the new plans (parents sell the house, and downgrade(or just stay with me) whilst i get a new flat), i did called my parents' case officer to inform them the new plans). however, hdb seem to insist me to continue with the signing of the agreement to include me as the 3rd owner, which i am not inclined/disagree to do so. afterwhich, then i should sell the flat after i've included my name as the 3rd owner. hdb even suggested that if my plans are not given the thumbs up, and i declining to go ahead as the 3rd owner, they will just revest my parents flat. what am i supposed to do now? what rights do i have? im really lost.
  9. sis, i feel for you. i thought i already jialat. yours seem like more worst. i hope all goes well for u!
  10. thanks for the reply. actually my fiancee is ok staying with my family. indeed, if i were to include my name as the third name, she will be staying with me and my parents. thus compared that to buying my house, my fiance will feel more comfortable knowing its her own house, although my parents will be staying with us.
  11. thanks for the reply. downgrading to a smaller unit looks like a feasible idea. but the problem i am afraid might surface later on is that my parents will not then b able to pay for the downgraded house's installments, and bills as they are not currently working. tapping on my younger brother who is currently serving his ns is also not feasible as he is not earning much from saf. about the COV and renovation, i might have just sufficient to survive as my finance totaled with my fiance will be around 6k per month. but in the long run, i still foresee having to support my parents. ultimately, they are my own parents.
  12. hi all, i am very confused about the whole situation i am in now. thus, i am seeking advises from you good people here. it came to light that my parents have not been paying the house monthly installments of about 800/month for the past 2-3 years as both of them have been out of job. as i am the only working person in the family, i was told to include my name as the 3rd owner to settle the arrears and installments henceforth. it will be a heavyload for me considering hdb will wipeout my whole cpf, and i still have to continue the installments alone. however, after much talks with my friends and fiancee. is it a feasible idea for my parents to sell the house to settle the current problem including the snowballed arrears? at the same time, i will get a new resale house with my fiancee? my parents and younger brother will then stay in my to be purchased house after they sell the house. in the long run, after my brother finishes his ns and my parents get a new job, they will then be able to purchase their own house. pls advise. thanks!