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  1. Hi, I have 2 tins to let go at $68 each. Please PM if interested. Thanks. Country of Origin - Singapore Weight - 1.8Kg Expiry - 12/2019
  2. Hi Forumers & the Community of Renotalk, It's been quite sometime since I've last done my posting here since completing the renovation of our home. Its been a year and everything still seems very intact and new. Guess probably my wife and I had maintained our home well enough. And psk, your comments really made my day. I've got a good laughing-out-loud after reading your groundless comments. And I think that it's an insult to the community and the founder of Renotalk forum. All have to agree that the underlying objective in setting up this forum is to allow common-consumers like us to share our views and comments towards any of the ID firms that we had came across. Take it or leave it with the comments posted by many of us, as these are strongly for your reference purposes. Oh ya, by the way, to be frank and not boasting by any means, I'm the Assistant General Manager of a catering company. Should you need any catering services for any occasion, you may drop an e-mail to my personal mailbox @ derrick_neo86@hotmail.com. I would then re-direct your email to my surbordinates for further action. I look forward to be of service to you in the near future. Please do not PM me as I hardly log-in to this forum since we were done with the renovation for more than a year ago. Thanks and take good care folks!!
  3. Btw, it is common that the ID took the measurement, and the carpenter took the measurement again. This was what happened to us during our reno process also. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Let's see what's gonna happened in the next couple of days and hopefully everything will turn out well for you.
  4. By engaging debt collector won't help your case. At most they could only help to sent a couple of "Dunning Letters" to them, simply put it, they have no legal rights / power to bring the baddies to court. Unless you are talking about engaging a legal service from a law firm, who can then send a letter of demand which cost abt 100 bucks before GST. Afterwhich, if still no response from Ponzai Concept, Writ of Summon can be issued to them which cost abt $1.5k. With this issued to them is as good as taking them to the court as a civil lawsuit if they refuse to respond again. This was my experience gained while I'm working for a company as a legal debt collector and I hope my 2 cents worth can be of any help to you. In any case, take this as a costly lesson learnt. Next time, before you commence on your reno, do a thorough research on all the ID firms that you have short-listed. I believed you can find tons of topics / posts about the ID Firms. Assess their creditibility and trustworthiness through word-of-mouth from fellow forumers. Good luck ...
  5. Yap? Nope, mine was done by Susan ... Compare the quotes around and you will know which is best for you ... =)
  6. Hello leong81, 1 word ... Excellent ... from laying of laminated wood flooring, laying of toilet wall and floor tiles, to carpentry ...
  7. Hello archenemy, Its been long time since i last log-in ... We had just finished with the reno and have been busy with moving in in the last couple of weeks ... Glad to know that you had a good reno experience with them ... Me too, had a good pre-reno, during-reno, and post-reno experience with Urban Design ... Painting wasn't really well-done initially ... For this, we really gotta understand that painter is a 3rd-party, that sometimes its really beyond ID's control ... Most importantly, its the corrective action that an ID should take if any hiccups ... Susan did just exactly that, and had helped to arrange the painter to touch-up, and to my surprise, she even stayed on to supervise the painter to ensure that he do a good job for us ... Really, both thumbs up for the commitment and responsibility shown, and this is 1 of the post-reno service that they had provided for us ... If we comb through the whole loads of postings in this forum, I'm sure you will be able to find many of them who had some bad reno experience ... So, me 2, I would strongly recommend them to our dear frens and relatives ...
  8. Sympathize with your unpleasant renovation encounter. You can try calling Radac also, though I'm not very sure how much they can help. Well, not all contractors / IDs are like this, it really depends on your luck and judgement on that person / firm. All the best to you and I hope you're able to get these resolved anytime soon. =)
  9. You will need to set about 5K to revamp your both toilets only. This of cox includes the bowls, sinks, accessories. The charges for carpentary work depends on your ID seriously, as the prices between the firms varies maybe about $10 to $20 per foor run. Well, you could still do up your home between 10K to 17K if your reno is really that simple and nothing spectacular.
  10. From the way I see it, you have 2 concerns: 1) Quality of the worksmanship 2) The delays in getting the work done Do they provide after-sales service like warranty on the worksmanship? If so, so long as they fulfill the warranty, then you won't have a case against them, and vice versa. As for the delays, are there any time frame stated clearly on the contract, for example to finish the renovation within 2 months? In any case, I doubt so as i don't think this is a common practice, so its difficult to file against them. And, when they collecting the 3 instalments, are there any terms stating in the contract, for example: a) 10% downpayment of the total contract sum amount upon signing of the agreement b) 40% downpayment of the total contract sum amount upon commencement of work c) 40% downpaayment of the total contract sum amount upon completion of tiling works d) 10% balance payment upon general washing If they had collected 90% of your payment without fulfilling the job stated in the contract, then this is call delay.
  11. Who is the ID that you engage? We engaged Susan of Urban Design. A very responsible lady, and always very accomodating to our request. Price is really reasonable right? No worries about the worksmanship, we had just popped by our home last Sunday and both of our toilets had already done up. We really have to give both thumbs up on the quality of the work. Laying of tiles was perfect, and we are really impressed of the way she handled her projects with no delays on the works at all. Most importantly, zero level of worries on the renovation process, just simply hand over your key to them and they will do up the rest of the things. My 2 cents worth and I hope this will help you in your selection of ID.
  12. I was once being told by 1 of the ID from 3D that they are not the cheapest, but the most competitive. The ID of 3D that we met didn't really give us a very good impression, as his pants was quite dirty which gave us an impression that he wasn't a very well-organised guy. In the end, I signed with Urban Design. Our home is still under reno and its 50% done now. What is so good with Urban Design is that, you don't have to worry about the reno work, just hand over the key to them, and they will do the rest for you, a truely great ID firm that offers the least worry to homeowners. Most importantly, not pushy type, and they will put in their utmost effort to work within your budgets.
  13. Hope you've not make all the payments to them, as in fully settled the reno bill. Hold up all the payments until the quality and stuffs are satisfactorily provided. Let's see whose gonna call who Daddy at the end of the day.