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  1. TABLE IS SOLD! Thanks everyone for your Interest. Table is sold via Gumtree
  2. Anyone interested in buying my coffee table? http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/66640-wts-noguchi-coffee-table/
  3. yes, i have to slowly lower the cables from the hole in the middle to the bottom. Makes it more difficult when you subsequently have to add new cables through the middle hole to the bottom where the feature wall is already cluttered with Cables. for example: your Starhub/Mio box will come later and you need to drag a HDMI cable as well.. Or later you buy a sound bar/amplifier and you need to connect to your TV. or Playstation, BluRay Player etc etc. 1. Firstly, depending on how many HDMIs outlets your TV have, prepare the HDMIs in advance. Get at least 3 additional HDMI cables and when they are mounting the TV, together with the TV's HDMI cable and electrical plug, pull all of them together at one go from the centre hole to the bottom... At least when you buy the subsequent stuff, you already have a few HDMI cables ready to connect... 2. Have an extra long nylon string hiding behind the TV, running through the middle hole to the bottom. Any time you need to pull another cable from the hole in middle to the bottom or vice versa, you can tie the cable to the nylon string and pull from the other end... Don't tie the cable at the extreme end of the nylon string.. .keep a good length so that you can pull the string back and reuse it again....
  4. Anyway, since i'm back to renotalk, let me share with you my home experience after 2 years... 1. Recommended my contractor to 2 other friends. Good feedback from the first one, but poor feedback from the second one. Poor feedback mainly because my friend renovated his house during a peak season, and contractor had many projects running together. Contractor fell sick and my friend's renovation was seriously delayed with poor finishings.... all in all, even if you have hired a contractor with good feedback, it's still goes to heng suay to have a good home reno experience. 2. My favourite installations were the individual downlight dimmers in my MBR above my side of the bed and my wife's side. very functional and create a good atmosphere for pre-sleeping mood. At night, I usually switched on only the dimmers in my MBR and dim it to 40%... i can continue reading and my wife can sleep first with her side of the dimmer switched off. Highly recommend that you have dimmers for your bedside lamps. 3. Most useless installation was the lights installed below my suspended TV console in my living room. No use for it ultimately. When you switch on the lights, the glossy floor tiles will reflect the underside of the TV console which is not flattering anyway. 4. Suspended TV console must be small and carry light stuff. My TV console was quite heavy with a very bulky amplifier.. within 1.5 years, it started to tilt... so i have to install metal brackets below to support it.. if given a chance now, i would have hoped to get a TV console all the way to the floor. It will give me more storage space as well and put heavier stuff. 5. Don't lose your rooms. Many friends have regretted knocking down a wall to connect one bedroom to their MBR. Although it gives them much more space in the MBR, all of them regretted when they had a baby and realised having more rooms is more important. So probably my advise is that you can shift the wall dividing your MBR and bedroom so that your MBR is bigger and eat into the space of the bedroom. However, don't knock down the wall and lose the room. 6. When you plan your renovation, always remember storage space is very impt.
  5. Hi everyone! It's been a while! WTS Noguchi Coffee Table imitation at SGD200. Bought in 2012 from Comfort Design at SGD400. Condition: 8.5/10 - very good condition. No scratches. 8.5 is because it's 2 years old. Width: 123cm Height: 93cm Self Collection from my Home at Serangoon Ave 3 Advise to get your friend along to carry this back. Can fit into car as the legs can fold and is not attached to glass table top. Reason for selling is to make way for our little angel. Need to make more space in the living room. Interested parties please PM me.
  6. Didn't have the breakdown.$ 2400 for the wardrobe and the 2 doors
  7. Initially I thought it was some insects attacking my wood furniture. But the following few days, we don't see this dust specks any more gathering at my door. My conclusion is that because my house is new and dusty, and was empty during that period, the wind blowing in from my kitchen through the main door traps all the dust at my door area.
  8. I don't do a lot of cooking, so solid surface is good enough. Solid surface can be easily stained.. Ie if you drip coffee onto the surface and you didn't wipe it off , it will leave a stain there and it's not easy to get rid of it. And solid surface can be easily scratched... If you get dark colored solid surface, the scratches will be very obvious. Granite is stronger and anti-stain, anti scratch
  9. Yes , I managed to squeeze a cable box there. But it's not easy to pull the wiring from the tv console and exit from the side.
  10. I do have a slight gap. Terence warned me of this and recommended me a laminate that is thin so that the gap won't be obvious. You can also pay for workmanship to "paint" it using a similar color. There is a term for this but can't remember
  11. erm... imagine there is no dust there. haha. think the simplest method is to get those Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner, climb the stairs to clean.. or those vacuum with very long tubes and inverted nozzle... I don't think i will ever clean my cove lights.... unless it starts to drop dust...
  12. yes it worked.. the water pressure was increased by 20%.. though i was really hoping that it would increase by 50%... haha. the sound created by the pump is negligible and i would strongly encourage you to get one from M'sia. can't remember how much i bought it.. it's around 500 to 600 ringit. http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1551315/all this link shows the difference between swtiching on the pump and switching off. the sound is not as loud as the player...
  13. Hi, There's a proper tool that you can hit on the tiles to detect if there's is hollowness in the tiles. What i used was just a big metal screw left over from the TV installation... Make sure you get a full metal screw.. hit on the floor tiles.. you'll notice the difference in sounds produced when the area below is hollow... if the tile beneath is hollow, it would sound differently if the tile was cemented properly... if the hollowness per tile is only 20%, it's still ok.. if it's around 50%, you will risk that the tile will pop out in 15 to 20 years... do know that for new flats, the tiles hollowness inspection is very strict... any hollow tile (even if 20%) will be highlighted and must be replaced. For renovations works, the owners tend to miss out this inspection.
  14. It's been a while!! Having my own home is really great experience. Time to share a new finding!! New Tip: False Ceiling amplifies the noises made upstairs. Remember earlier, i mentioned i hear shuffling noises in my false ceiling and i thought it's a family of lizards. The shuffling noises are really loud and moving fast around the whole room. Mystery solved!! It's actually my neighbours' dog upstairs. I guess the dog didn't cut his nails and when he's running around, his nails rattle against their floor. False ceiling amplifies the noises made upstairs!!! It's incredible how much louder the noises become.. I'm thinking of getting a pedicure voucher for the dog upstairs... especially when my MBR has false ceiling and the dog runs everywhere at night!!