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  2. hi ppl, i need help to find laminates/wood that has real original tree bark on it. below are some pictures that uses original tree bark for cabinet carpentry. PLS ADVISE!! looking for singapore or malaysia suppliers.. headache ahh.. if dont have local, overseas also can.. pls help!! gam xia gam xia
  3. can i ride on this thread? my parents are planning to reno our kitchen. work has yet to start, but my dad was just knocking some tiles to do electrical work for about 20 mins and an unfriendly indian neighbour came rudely complaining that it's a sat and she need to slp. problem is, my contractor will be coming in tomorrow (sunday) to hack away the cabinet skirting. I've told my contractor about her and they say they will apply for the permit. in my case, if i have a permit, can i argue with her that it's legal to do so (on a sunday?).. anw i dont have to maintain any gd relation to this indian woman cuz she is famous for complaining at every single minute matter.