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  1. Hi,

    could u share the shop name selling the aircon that u mentioned below?

    "We bought Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System 3 Inverter :) Yah i must say it's a good buy. We sourced around many places and so far this shop selling the lowest "

    thks alot! and can share ur contractor info as well? appreciate ur help!Q

  2. Hi Poppy love, mind sharing with me on the Jb lighting store address? thanks in advance (:

  3. Dining table arrived!!! Furniture Mall selling at $3000+ for just the table. We got it only $775!!! What a bargain. So going around patiently definitely pays off
  4. Hi Yes they are open on xmas eve and the day itself Go coz they having sale
  5. The designer, if he's not french, he must've loved France so much to give the mbr toilet a touch of france hehehehe MBR Toilet
  6. Alamak!!! Ur scaring me coz i hv laminate flooring for my 3 bedrooms Krono Original laminates with 15 yrs warranty. I will pm u shortly k.
  7. You still want my contractor's number?
  8. From my contractor He told me abt the wood, but i had forgotten But according to my frenz, it's good
  9. I am my own ID hehehehehehehe... I just dun believe only IDs can create a better home. So save the $$ on IDs I basically work closely with my contractor. And yes i must say he's good coz he captured all the details and the look I had envisioned No 3D drawing as i didnt request for any. I trust his work coz i only hv to tell him and he got what i had pictured the only 3d drawing he made for me was the kitchen cabinet coz he was rather skeptical on the black color i wanted for my small kitchen He just want me to have a rough idea on how it looks visually
  10. Seal up existing MBR door. That's wheremy walk-in wardobe is now
  11. Hacked the wall which separates the balcony and study room which i had converted to a living room and raised suspended L-shape platform where we gonna watch tv and have movie nights Mounted a glass panel. So i can see the balcony from where i watch the tele and vice versa. Love the spacious and open concept i'm trying to achieve
  12. We're going for the nyc loft look this time Hence, we spent quite a bit on hacking. I want to create an illusion of a bigger open space. The parquet guy kept on asking me am i sure this is the color i want? He made me rethink for a moment. But i went for it. I dun care if not many do this color I want it means i want it And **** yea!!! Not the slightest bit regretted my decision
  13. And i want a clean look, so i go for white walls with black feature wall. Imagine a dimly lit home at night, watching the tele with black background. Ooh la la!!! Contractor suggested a feature wall. But i dun wanna be stuck with a wooden feature wall for as long as i live here. And almost everyone has a feature wall for their tele nowadays. So 3-5 yrs later, when we go visit our frenz and families home, they are all identical; feature wall for their tele. I find it lame (sorry no offense... To each his own )
  14. Our initial plan was to have a balcony door. But we took the chance and go for an open concept balcony. We were quite skeptical it doesnt turn out good. Afraid it looks too bare and boring. But after the parquet were done, I'm stoked to see how well it turned out to be Creates such a spacious space for my 5-rm hdb pigeonhole Have yet to put indoor fountain, plantsand paint the stone carving wall black.
  15. Remember the MBR toilet? Irksome!! I refuse to have shower screen only bcoz i dun want to be cleaning it and wiping it dry everyday, all the time. Being in the toilet, it'll get wet each time we shower or do any business And i cant stand the sight of even 1 dot of water on taps and glass So, i decided not to have shower screen