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  1. Hi, Did anyone install laminate glass? Is it effective? What is the cost? I am interested in install it too, to block out noise, but laminate glass or double glazed is better? Or is it better to install double glazed laminate glass??
  2. If you have any good contractors doing double glazed windows, can you pls pm me? Many thanks for your help
  3. Thank you for your advice, think I will give them a miss. I called a company to ask about double glazed windows, it costs about 1.45k to 1.8k for a 3 panel windows (1.8m length). Is this the usual price?
  4. So what is the final verdict on double glazed windows? I am staying in 2nd floor beside the road, and the buses are very noisy. Will installing double glazed windows help? If so, can you give me your contact for installing these windows? Thank you!
  5. Dear Forumers, I just bought a 123sqm resale flat and is planning to have a complete overhaul of it. I am wondering if I should just install normal lights on the ceiling, those that shaped like half hamburgers Pros of normal lights: 1. Cheap 2. Less planning of the lights needed 3. Less power usage? 4. Easy maintenance Cons: 1. Not nice Or should I install downlights and covelights, which come with false ceilings and L-box. Pros of downlights: 1. House looks more stylo Cons: 1. More power usage 2. More expensive 3. Need to plan carefully on the lighting spots 4. Need to clean the cove lights area (the false ceilings) What do you guys think? Any suggestions or advice are kindly appreciate. Thank you.