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  1. Leslie has replied me and we are trying to work this out. I am not going to settle for another replacement of coffee table.
  2. Well, obviously after my posting, FC called me on the next working day. The leg of table has since been cleaned. Thanks.
  3. matt....my flooring contractor told me glossy for out-time. but really it is your preference.
  4. We received our $2000 2m long dining glass table (without any chair) on 29th July but it was 3 weeks later when we finally moved in. Upon cleaning up, my helper noticed some rust in upper corner of the table leg. When I called the salesperson, she asked her customer service to get back to me. CS did call me the next working day promising to send someone down but after 2 weeks I have yet to hear from him. CS said that we probably use water to clean the leg, ok if my helper really wet the leg so much until it rusts, then how come only 1 corner of the leg is rusty? What about the base of the leg, no rust? Honestly if i paid $2000 for a table, i dont expect rust. I hope FC sees this comment and have some good sense to call me. Mary has a little Lamb......
  5. We just bought a 5room resale 122sqm flat. We hacked everything except the pipes. If you dont have time to manage the reno, it is better to have an ID company to coordinate the reno. It was a lot of work! We did have a few quotations from ID. But being cheapo as we are, we chose to find our own contractors for most of the works. A few savings I had 1) We received quotes ranging from $ 1800-2000 on our full length glass sliding doors for the kitchen. Going direct - we paid $ 900. The saving extended to our shower doors, toilet doors. We also found someone (as a favor) to install the wooden doors for our bedrooms. These doors each $ 300+ are usually meant for landed properties. 2) We bought our own marble tiles, kitchen tiles and teak for bedrooms. It saves us about $ 2000. 3) ID always recommend you not to use garnite for kitchen top. I realise it is because garnite is more troublesome to buy and need more work. ID also seldom has lobang to get cheap garnite. We bought direct and save $ 400 4) the false ceiling for the whole house plus kitchen & toilets was quoted $ 4200-5000 because we had to conceal the pipes in the toilets etc.....a lot of works since we had an old flat, we only paid $ 3000 going direct. A few tips - we always drop by our house during reno. We bought drinks and lunch for the workers. With the saving we had, my husband even gave $ 50 each to different workers (different contractors). Usually these workers would be so happy and they really make sure to get the jobs done on time and also helped to clean up everytime etc. Have fun!
  6. We just did our reno for our resale 5room flat. We had different contractors for each job, all managed by my husband. We changed EVERYTHING except the pipes. Among the contractors - for electrical works, you may contact Mr Low 96183695. He is super nice. I have since recommended him to 2 other friends. No complain. He even became the main con for 1 of my friends. This uncle even gave us a FREE door bell which excites our dog mroe than it should.
  7. I did post a comment earlier regarding my concerns on the origin of Royal Prince. So this is a follow up. We bought a king size Royal Prince in June. We are served by Ken. Our mattress and bedframe were delivered end of July on the day we wanted. The price included a decent bedframe (no storage) with freebies like mattress protectors, 2 Lotus pillows (claimed to be $ 100+ each at department stores but I have yet to see this pillow selling at Taka etc) and 2 (no brand) bolsters. We encountered no problem picking up the freebies from the shop. Lotus has many models selling at different locations. There is the original branch at Park Mall, some models at Courts and of course at distributors like Mattress Atrium. All locations sell different Lotus models. I checked on website and have this conclusion that Lotus is from Thailand. The Latex pillow top is from Belguim. I understand the bedframe is made in Singapore. We have no problem with this. Mattress is probably manufactured in Thailand. I did freak out when i saw all the bad reviews here. At the end of the day, I like to say our new mattress is very comfortable. Its a bit costly but we like to think it is worth every cent. My advice - Go to Courts at Tampines (next to Ikea). They have a big range of different brands. After trying out the mattresses, then try different outlets to compare the prices.
  8. hello there! Saw your comments on mattresses and seems like you know a lot...we bought royal prince lotus mattress for $ 3K nett with bedframe. We are comfortable with the mattress but after seeing lot of comments on Lotus, I cant help but feel we have been overcharged.
  9. What now?! I just bought my king Royal Prince with bed frame for $3k nett. I only want the lotus mattress to be genuine. I do know the bedframe is made locally and honestly I dont care where the mattress is made. I want to know the quality of Royal Prince and if it is lotus origin.
  10. We like what we saw at Species. Our concerns are really about the cost of sofa and lighting. We had wanted to justify that we are paying the right prices for the package. So we spent the whole Sat checking out lighting prices and comparing sofa sets at different companies. We cant find similar/identical sofas and lighting lamp comparing to what we like at Species. Besides it is difficult to compare sofa quality. The lighting lamp we like at Species is also rather unique and nice. In the end, we still prefer the leather sofa set & lighting lamp at Species. So we went back to Species at The Plaza FM and this time, we spoke with Sam again to understand/clarify the quality of each item we are getting. Sam gave us a thorough explaination and he also gave us a few good tips on our home decor. We are quite pleased with the overall service provided by Sam and actually ended up buying more items. Our items will be delivered end of July. Hopefully we get the quality as promise and which we had paid in FULL already.
  11. hello I meant my comment to you. I am very interested to know what you pay for...please see my comment earlier.
  12. What did you choose for package $ 5988 for Species? Can you pick the more expensive sofa? I think I want to cry after reading all the bad reviews here about Species. We were served by Sam, a typical Ah BENG. He was pleasant but pushy and I guess we got sweet-talk into it. No one's fault here but our own doing! I guess we should always be wary of shops that do not have the prices indicated on each furniture. I paid deposit $ 1800 only yesterday for a package $ 6988. There was a clause added that we can get our refund back if we decide not to get the package from them. THen on Sunday, That's exactly what I plan to do. CANCEL IT. It included TV console, TV Rack, Sofa, Lighting, 6 chairs. I did not take the dinning table because we are going to buy a dinning table from FC. How come FC and Species are the same company? Species told us that thier furniture are made in Malaysia and FC in China. Assuming the TV console & table is $ 1000 each because we are getting the heaviest duty looking which I cant even move them myself....6 chairs at $ 200 each....that's only $ 3200.... The sofa and lighting cost $ 3788.... The sofa we intended to pick is the one 2.8m in dark dream color. This is the L-3 seater at the showroom at Furniture Mall at Plaza Hotel. Was told it cost $ 4000 plus just the sofa alone. I dont know what to tell my husband now. $#%&(&)*(*^%^$#%#@$