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  1. Selling a couple of my designer furnishings! All are in very new and good condition! Get in touch with me at WhatsApp 92383245 if you are keen! Appreciate no low ballers please. Thanks! 1) Selling a set of slightly more than one year old and very good condition Scanteak dining table and bench set. Does not come with the tempered glass top. The whole set was bought for $1,299. Now selling everything for $600 only! Measurements of the table is approximately L135 x D80 x H74 cm 2) Selling a pair of like new very good condition Made in Italy Vibieffe modular ottoman sofa bed. Price is for one piece only at $700. This pair of convertible modular ottoman sofa bed was bought for more than 1,500/- for each piece and placed in the guest room but hardly used. Can probably be considered brand new. Get it now at half price! The measurements are approximately: 86 x 94 cm (closed) 83 x 190 cm (opened) It is single size with mattress and can be combined to form a queen size or put together for single person. It is totally modular and you can play with different combinations for your own needs. You can see from the pics how it can be used in different ways. Very suitable for people with tight spaces in their home but wish to have guest beds whenever they have guests over without taking too much space. 3) Selling Granfunkt corner block display shelf unit in white color designed by Nathan Yong. This was bought close to $1,900 and now selling at more than 50% off at $700! Pic 1 is for illustration purpose. Pic 2 shows one of the unit separated from the other adjoining unit. Selling the whole set of 2 units together. 4) Selling a like new (< 2 year old) Scanteak side table and drawer. Bought for $490 and selling at $200 only! Item is in very good condition and dimensions are approximately L53 x B40 x H46 cm. Welcome to view before decide. Can fit into a car easily. Please make your own pick up arrangement. Delivery is not provided.
  2. I bought a bamboo haiku fan a few months back and here's my personal experience. The fan was ok in the beginning but after a few weeks, I started to hear ticking sound when I switched on to the highest speed. I called up Big *** Fans who has an office here in Singapore and they referred my case to the distributor, Spectra Instruments. Spectra was quite reluctant to do a one to one exchange in the beginning but relented after negotiating with me and changed a new fan for me. This new fan after a few weeks also started to have ticking sound when I switched on to the highest speed. Through my own trial and error, I discovered that the ticking sound comes from the fan blades. The screws securing the fan blades to the motor will become loose after a few weeks and I have to tighten them again so that there will not be any ticking sound when the blades spin at the highest speed. At lower speeds, it's ok and silent. I just find it frustrating that I have to carry out a ladder and climb up to the the fan to tighten the screws every few weeks. I sent a feedback email to Big *** Fans in Singapore and they said they have highlighted my problems to Spectra Instruments, who will get back to me on possible solutions. Till today, I have not heard from Spectra regarding their suggestions. I leave to you forumers to decide if you should get the haiku fan.
  3. Excellent condition Scanteak vanity cabinet for sale. Bought for $1400 and now selling at a loss of $450. Dimensions: 525mm x 430mm x 1700mm. Made of pure teak wood. Grab a bargain now! Self-collect at my place at a time convenient to me. SMS me at 92383245 to view and deal. Thanks for watching. Pls refer to the following link for photos of the cabinet. http://singapore.gumtree.sg/c-Stuff-for-Sale-household-furniture-Scanteak-Vanity-Cabinet-for-sale-W0QQAdIdZ463521272 For more info, pls refer to http://www.scanteak.com.sg/catalogue/bedroom/others-bedroom/50012-jewelry-cabinet
  4. I saw this at iwannagohome! at Great World City yesterday. You can go check it out. Cheers.