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  1. Hello! To all RT forumners and genuine customers who may be concern, We have been receiving a lot of Interior Designers enquiry and we do not provide quotes to them. Why should we give them our quote when they would most likely take a cut from us and quote YOU/home owners higher? For us, we rather help home owners save this amount of money to be use for other purposes such as getting their household accessories/necessities and let us do directly for them which can help them saves quite a huge sum of money. Also, we do filter out enquiries who are unable to provide us their address and contact number as we prefer clients who are sincere to have their home renovation done by us and in this way, it shows they are insincere in getting our services or worse, our competitors who are trying to get our prices. Just to remind all RT forumners, we only provide DIRECT reno services to direct home owners. We DO NOT take up any job that has a middleman (e.g ID) to instruct us what we have to provide for their clients AKA new home owners For updates on our jobs, you may visit our fb page (www.facebook.com/hoongfattheng) for more information. Please be reminded once again that we are renovation contractor providing direct services for direct home owners. And to new home owners, we are more than willing to receive your enquiry to help you build your desired home. Cheers & have a nice day!
  2. Hi Bovi, I'm really sorry to hear about this issue. We may have overlooked your inquiry. Would you be able to leave down/PM me the email address you send your inquiry to us to allow me to do an internal check? Thank you & sorry for any inconvenienced I've caused.
  3. Hi Maoshan, have received your call. Please give us a few days to send you the quotation. Thank you for your kind patience
  4. Dear RT members It has been a while since i last posted because am really busy this period. Firstly, i would like to thank xin xin, yi yi and kellyla for their compliment for my company and me. I truly appreciate all your compliments/feedback and am glad that the 3 of you are satisfy with the service that we have provided. Thank you all again! Nevertheless, over 30 years, we are bound to have unsatisfied customers also. No humans can provide a 100% satisfactory service servicing their customers for 30 years.Most importantly, i am glad that i have 3 reasonable customers like xin xin, yi yi and kellyla. I am writing this not because am trying to protect myself from future complaints (if any) but in order not to mislead others RT members that we are "superman" in renovation. This 3 customers that i have also co-operate with me like getting their tiles, lights, selecting paint colour etc in time, hence minimizing any hiccups. I always believe that renovation is a 2 way communication/co-operation between me and my customers. To prevent any hiccups, we have to co-operate. With all your feedback and compliments, i will strive to provide a more satisfactory service in renovation for all my customers. Good news, to prove that we are really providing DIRECT SERVICE - NO sub-contract - I will be asking my carpenter to join in my advertisement soon ensuring that all RT members get the lowest prices !!! All carpentry enquiries will be directed to him in future, stay tune. Kellyla home renovation carpentry work is done by him also and i will post the pics once done but first, i have to get Kellyla permission. Most importantly, my carpenter has billed Kellyla directly and nothing has gone thru me, hence providing another DIRECT service. We strive to provide DIRECT SERVICES!!
  5. Dear RT members My sincere apology to those who have PM me and still have not received by reply. For urgent cases, kindly give us a call directly Tony @ 90061763 . RT members that have called me and have access to their flats/condo/landed will be given priority first as the backlog for quotation is just too much. We will attend to genuine customer first. For those that are only getting their keys (i.e end of the year , next year), pls dont "kan chong". Quotation normally take a maximum of 5 working days to complete. I would appreciate if you can request the quotation 1 week before or after you have gotten your keys. This is to ensure that i have sufficient manpower to handle your house renovation. I will reject customer renovation should i face a manpower shortage as i do not want to damage my reputation of 30 years due to poor service etc. So there is no point of getting our quotation early. As am busy renovating a few RT members housing currently, I will not have the luxury to sit in front of the computer to reply all messages and quotation. Kindly look for new updates from my post as i have requested those RT members to feedback our works on their house to give new RT members a gauge on our workmanship and services. We look forward to serve you as a direct service provider. Thank you!
  6. Dear RT members Thank you for your support. Have received most of your floor plan and requirement. Kindly give us sometime to do the quote and we will try to reply all of you back. Nevertheless, I would like to answer a few question which i always see when you all PM me. 1) "Hey, Ah huat tilling, are you a ID or contractor? Ans: Contractor. If am a ID, you wont get such a good pricing. If you know what you want to do,(i.e renovate 2 toilet & kitchen, Living room tiles & 3 bedrooms) and have a budget, i think you have look for the correct company. If you want to renovate until your kitchen will Jump on its own, then sorry i cannot help. No person on earth can do that. I will post more pictures of the HDB, condo, landed, commercial project which we have done before.
  7. Established since 1981, Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation Pte Ltd, HDB license: HB-09-4071G Specialize/Direct Service: 1) Hacking Works/ Reinstatement for commercial properties, HDB, Landed, Condo 2) Tiling Works for commercial properties, HDB, Landed, Condo 3) Ceiling Works for commercial properties, HDB, Landed, Condo -We assure all our customer that our tilers/skilled workers has a minimum experience of 10-30 years in laying tiles, therefore giving you piece of mind for workmanship -Viewing of tiling workmanship available (Prior to exisiting customers agreement) -Tiles supplier include Soon Bee Huat Trading, Hafary Pte Ltd ,Lian Seng Hin, Taugres, therefore giving customers a huge tiles gallery to choose from. -Alternatively, you can provide us your 3D drawing (if any) from your own freelance designer and we can provide a quote for you. Interested, pls call Tony @ 90061763 or pm me.