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  1. normal lor, no special scheme i just make sure can form a family nucleus according to hdb policy then i call hdb a few times, speak to different officers, all gave me the same info to be safe, i went down to hdb n get a q number to ask then i ask here in this forum better call up hdb n ask
  2. not likely i getting married i tot abt this for a few yrs before i propose this to my parents my parents n i can have a new flat my parent can also unlock the value of their flat my cpf is enough to pay for the new flat with no need for a loan
  3. i have already booked a bto with me as the applicant while my parents are the occupiers on 12 oct 11 no resale levy when my parents sell their flat
  4. Single scheme only for resale, right? i getting BTO not enough money to pay the cov
  5. can be done me as the only applicant while parents as occupier when parents sell the flat no resale levy i just booked my hdb flat today
  6. like to ask, I am a single, never bought a flat before my parents owned a fully paid up 4 rm flat, stay for more than 20 years. I would like to apply for a BTO 3 rm with them. someone told me I can apply with all 3 of us as applicant and pay the resale levy. or can apply only me as the applicant and both my parents as occupiers and avoid the levy is both methods valid?