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  1. After much shopping around with the missus, we kinda know what we want..But like any others we still wish to seek some advices from the experienced forumers around. We kinda like Bravat's products and their prices are quite reasonable. Any comments?
  2. I love this mixer, like its design...Price around $500+ reasonable anot ar?
  3. Nowadays what is not made in China? haha... as long as good n cheap, value for $ then okie la... NIKE also have plants in china right...
  4. But my friend who is using it for quite some time say its okie wor...hmmmm
  5. Is it? will take note of it...thanks
  6. Hi all, i'm looking around for bathroom items and are looking around @ certain brands. Hansgrohe? Grohe? Toto? Bravat? So which one do u guys reccommend? My relatives are using Hansgrohe bought from Econflo and i quite like their designs too but exp man i can't afford la haha Grohe n Hansgrohe are brothers thus i guess about the same ba. Toto i actually dun really like after my friend told me alot of public toilet using them haha Recently i saw a Bravat showroom which i'm told its the first showroom by Bravat in South East Asia. Never used their products before but quite like their design and prices especially hehe... My friend who is staying in Kovan Melody who are using their product told me their mixer quite durable, still working after so long. So any comments?