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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for all the kind advice. I was away on a biz trip and just got back today for National day! Happy Birthday Singapore! I am glad to hear that the price that my friend quoted is fair. I will be signing the contract with him on Friday. The contract will be prepared by my lawyer and it will basically state that 820K is inclusive of everything such as URA submission fees, pilling, interior designing fees etc. I have spoken to him and he is agreeable to it, including changes that I may make along the way during construction with no extra charge, He also agree to build it in 6 months or less from the date of pilling permit from BCA. I agree to pay him a bonus of 20k if he can achieve that. In return, he agree to pay $200/day as damage for late hand over. Lastly, he also mention that the glass lift comes from Italy and the shipping time alone needs 4 months so I will need to book it now.
  2. Hi guys, I have been reading this wonderful forum since last year when I am looking for my dream landed property, and I think you great folks deserve a clap for the selfless sharing of information. I have bought an Inter terrace and am currently in the process of selecting my builder. I will be pursuing the builder route as I know my builder from my army days. He has his own Archi + QPs in the implementation of paperwork. I have checked his company and also of his team and they are properly registered in BOA and BCA. My current landed is a humble 2250 sqft Inter terrace. I am looking to rebuild(not reconstruction) to 3.5 storeys with a built in area of 4900 sqft. A glass lift with glass frame will also be built. The total quoted cost is 820k inclusive of all costs, including all the professional fess+ RC pilling. No hidden cost as I have grilled him using all the points shared by all the experts here in the various threads, such as unlimited power points, etc, and he has agreed to this in that price. The only thing that is not included is the carpentry work which I will approach another friend. Works out to be around $160 psf for built-in. The type of tiles used is mostly marble + granite in living and common areas with parquet in bedrooms. Can any kind souls please advice if this is reasonable? I hope to use him but I am also scared that I am paying a ridiculous price as this is only an Inter terrace and I am paying about $820k. Thanks