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  1. Hi guys, Just to close this post. Alan has been a great help in making my reno done up; though of course it was delayed; but at least everything is done up nicely. The main culprit is Andy; and now they are no longer in partnership. Thanks Alan, once again; for your help and great responsibility to continue the reno work. I have moved into my place early Jan. Cheers!
  2. I feel for the topic starter. Although usually the payer are the one being cheated; it is also possible the the payer cheat the payee. It is good to name those cheater in the forum to warn people; be it owner or contractor; so there should be less victim. Take care and be careful; there are really people without conscience; and there are people who are desperate with bad heart; they will cheat people.
  3. Latest updates: Alan is back and taking over the Reno. It is good that he got conscience and will continue and finish the Reno. Andy is gone, heard that he took the money and did not even pay some of the suppliers. Moving in will be delayed though.
  4. Latest updates .... My lawyer did some investigation:- A is neither the owner/director of the company. Alan Tan Choo Yew is one of the shareholder; who is supposed to supervise my reno; but came only one time and went missing. ..... Sorry, I am forced to disclose names and company here ...... Meanwhile reno is still continuing; I am trying to get them to sign legal agreement; else, I really have to terminate this guy and the company. .........
  5. Haiz..... Sigh....! Windows did not close by his workers. Rain splashes in, not sure is ok or not....
  6. Thanks Sumobear. Waiting impatiently now for the rainbow to appear ....
  7. Latest updates: ID asked me to give him final chance; And agreed to do first, then he will ask for payment. Also agreed to sign new agreement. So I give him another chance yet again. I will give complement on work well done; And criticize on work badly done. Now crossing my eyes, if he can handover my place in time which he promised again and again. Below latest update of the tiling done....
  8. Forgot to add; his partner who supposed to supervise my Reno, Missing after only first day came to take a look. His name, Alan Tan. An electrician. Doesn't even pick up my calls. Just in case, guys!
  9. Hi, I have no choice but to terminate this cheat. My loss beside monetary of about $20k, I also loss time and will not be able to move in, in time. My current rental may have to extend. When I told my ID I want to terminate due to him breaching the contract; He told me I need to top up! I have asked another credited contractor to check his progress, This contractor said nothing much have been done beside hacking which is not completed, And plumbing, and some plastering. Also I just found out that the tiles in my place is not the complete set. So guys, be afraid, be very afraid of ID from ****....! Take note! Beware: Andy Chew Yong Poh One Identite 14A jalan Klapa S199326
  10. Can't upload too many pics; used up my space limit already. Here are pics I took yesterday evening:- Sorry, media space seemed full.
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  13. Yup, I will call HBay tomorrow; give them sometime to read my email. Thanks for the advises; I really need them. And luck ... yes I need that too
  14. See how it goes; will reveal later or in pm. I still hope my reno will turn out ok. I have paid $52k in two payments when I signed my contract and when hacking started. .....
  15. Latest updates; ID told me he would go to HBay first thing in the morning as third party to resolve this case. As usual; I cannot trust him; So, this morning; I wrote to HBay myself after I found out that this organization is to upheld the interior design industry. Latest reply from ID is he just woke up; he would go to HBay after lunch; capentry work is on hold; the reno is continuing as I have insisted on that. .......
  16. I am at loss on how to continue with this ID. He seems to be threatening me; to stop work. He even asked me to go to CASE. He said the carpenters are waiting; continue or stop.... wth ......
  17. Agree with greglhc. ID asking for third payment again; I just told him about my insecurity and why I cannot pay him at this moment; As I have yet to see real result from the 50% I have paid. What do you guys think? I should pay the third payment of 15%? Now seems to tell me that if I do not pay; carpentry will not start. .....
  18. By the way, can we, customer, pay only after the work is done? Progressive payment base on work done? How come I see all quotation is to pay in advance progressively?
  19. Improvement in the schedule sent to me last week. Hand over is 20th Dec; Moving in is 21st Dec. Crossing my toes now .....
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  21. Thanks MsJ9; very stressful for me; already told my ID off a couple of times ... Elec work is done by my friend's workers; so have been going well. Hi Kstoh, Thanks for your advice. Yeah; your points 1 and 2 are both in my mind already since last week. Note that I have paid almost 50% of the total reno cost. 20% on signing the quotation and about 30% when workers started hacking. Now, I was asked to pay the next 15%; which of course; I cannot pay; since the work has been so slow and I do not see workers for almost 2 weeks plus. Anyway, the ID admitted his problem bla...bla. .... and will start to do the reno properly from now; Well, this are all verbal; I will wait for 2 more weeks to see the result; as you know my situation here. and how can I do the next payment when things are so scary for me looking at my reno progress. One friend already intro another ID and a lawyer; just in case ... Another friend asked me to check with CASE. I am still crossing my fingers for this week and next week work .... These 2 weeks supposed to be plastering and tiling; and carpentry works off site. Some of the hacking works done ...
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