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  2. Hello, I've got a brand new Elfa shelving system to let go. As its a modular system, I've attached a couple of 3d images of how the whole thing looks like. The shelving components are in platinum finish price to go at $500. pickup at CCK. If transport is needed, it can be arranged. Call to discuss It can be quite confusing looking at the numerous items listed for the first time. I hope the 3d images helps!! Any questions or enquiry at 966oo592 items: 01) top track 195cm (421980) 02) 200cm wall band (426480) x 4pcs 03) 50cm x180cm vent shelf (450880) 04) 50cm shelf bracket (410580) x 4pcs 05) 180cm closet rod chrome (621803) 06) 40cm shelf bracket (410480) x 9pcs 07) 60cm closet rod chrome (620603) 08) rod holder (470980) x 6pcs (these are holders for item 5 & 7, attached to items 4 & 6) 09) gliding drawer 60cm width, 185cm height (266280) x 3 pcs 10) gliding drawer 60cm width, 285cm height (266380) x 2 pcs 11) 40cm x 60cm vent shelf (450380) 12) 40cm right bracket cover (601788) x 3pcs 13) 40cm left bracket cover (601688) x 3pcs 14) end caps chrome (623903) x 2 pairs (these are for item 05, placed at both ends of the rod) 15) screw n plugs (470696) (these are for mounting item 01 to the wall, which is the only item that needs be screwed onto the wall) you can view them on elfa website at http://goo.gl/O0n5Wn the article item numbers above corresponds to elfa's website. also at howard's storage https://goo.gl/pcoZb9
  3. Hey Jez, thanks for the information!! quite a interesting idea with the add on aluminum frame. i'm in no hurry but if its not too much of a trouble for you, it'd be great to know. gong xi fa cai!!
  4. Hi Jez, just curious about your kitchen glass door. is this a glass door with add-on(or stick on) aluminum frame which I presume doesn't actually support the glass but more of a decorative piece? hope i make sense there. Any chance you know where your contractor source that from? thanks!!
  5. for those who have not started your reno do take note! http://www.channelne...on/1443250.html
  6. for those who have not started your reno do take note! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/pre-packed-screed-soon/1443250.html