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  1. Hi Jo. I will Pm u the contractor's no. Hi WanDerWan, U can google for pino funnel. It should be available for sale online. I think there's a Alessi shop in Singapore but I am not too sure where. Hehehe do more research and find the style you and ur partner both like. I guess your i.d. will be able to help you more once you know what you want. Good luck with the renovation!
  2. Hi Greenlover. Sorry for the late reply. I was overseas for 2 weeks and didn't have internet access. We didn't paint over the brick wall, that's its natural color. We wanted to paint it white, but got lazy after we took 2 weeks to paint the whole house
  3. Hi Piknik Thank you!! We will only move in by early May. There are still some loose ends to take care of, and our electrical stuff won't come till 30 March. Let me know when you want to drop by after that!
  4. I heard prices increased tho. Its now $700+. If you can get it for $640, that's a real good deal!
  5. Hi Punggolfamily, I am not too sure about the shop name as my contractor bought it for us. We got it for about $680.
  6. Hi Heavenlyn If you wish to mount the tv on the feature wall, then I think they would have to build a "false wall" so that the wires can be hidden behind. Ours were stuck directly on the wall itself as we didn't want to mount the tv. We did this 1) to save cost 2) we will lose more space if we wanted to build the false wall.
  7. Hi Surfcast, Sorry for the delayed reply, we were busy with our wedding. Haiku isn’t just an ENERGY STAR® fan—it’s the best ENERGY STAR fan. The typical residential ceiling fan requires 90 to 110 W of electrical input power. The average ENERGY STAR residential fan utilizes 65 W of electrical input power. In contrast, Haiku fans only use 2 to 30 W, exceeding the ENERGY STAR requirements for CFM/W by 450 to 750%. In a typical year, Haiku would use about 50 kWh, for a cost of around $5. Our Haiku is working well, very silent and pretty, everyone pays her compliments when they come. Go for it!!
  8. I actually like that chair from ikea alot! That was my 2nd choice. hehe! Oh ya, I saw your drafts and there's a Japanese Tea corner. That's very nice! I think getting the stool is 2nd unlucky, the real unlucky one will be sitting on the cold hard floor!
  9. Pinkwhale!! OMG your house looks so goooddddd! I am totally jealous! Nicely done!!
  10. hahaha Mae is not me. She has a nice longggggg brick wall. Mine's just a short one due to budget. hahaha! The EM chair is not super comfy, but I persuaded him cos it will blend in with our design and who normally sits there for hours? Most of the time, its just eat and go. So hefinally agreed to it. The $65 chair from ikea is the white and pine wood one? I wanted to get that i think. It looks good too!
  11. Thank you Takeyu! Probably not so soon cos I haven't got time to do up the blinds and buy my basic appliances. We haven't even bought our bed. hahaha! Can't wait to start cooking there!
  12. Renovation Log : 2 Mar 2012 1) We finally have lights in the haus!! I'm so glad, cos we could actually clean up the place last night. But we are still short of 2 lights for the kitchen and guestroom, as the lights are out of stock. 2) Haiku fan is up too~ Wheee~~~~ 3) Toilet accessories up too Study room & MBR feature wall for TV. Using tracklights with LED bulbs. Living room completed. T5 for the cove ceiling seems too white for my liking. Asked contractor to change to a warm yellow instead. I absolutely love my kitchen. Lots of storage space. I wonder if i will ever finish filling them up. So glad that everything is piecing up bit by bit. We are only left with some minor stuff to fix and some appliances to buy. yipeee! Going to wait for delivery of my sofa in abit. More pics later!
  13. hhahha lights not installed yet. so I can't really tell. But I am not a fan of super bright lights so I guess it will be alright. Will let u know once its up! The light retails for about $340 but it really depends how much discount u can haggle for. I went to picket and rail at Liang court! looks awesome but its really over my budget, so see no touch. My dining chairs are only in white. U are in FB group too? Whats ur nick? Hope you will select your ideal contractor soon and commence renovation! Good contractors really leave u at ease and u'll never have to worry about minor details. good luck!
  14. ooooo!! Thank u zzz monster! I will go check it out!
  15. Hi Dotty~! Love your table! I think i saw it too but its over my budget. Hope to see more pics soon!