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  1. No news from them, called them and said the parts still on its way from Italy. Thought they should at least call me to update instead of me waiting and waiting. Their reason for not calling back is because the parts has not arrived yet, even though they promised that they are going to come and fix it this week. What good service. Sigh!
  2. Anyone using SMEG Hob? Anyone has any issues or problems? I have one currently and has been encountering a lot of problems lately. Was told by the various maintenance guys who came to fix the problem that seemed like I am the only one with problem. Sigh. Came to fix a few times already but problem getting bigger and bigger, not only popping, for one of the burner the fire actually gets extinguish by itself after a loud exploding sound after on for a short while. It used to be a much bigger flame after the exploding sound. My gas utilisation seemed to have also increased by 3-4 times as the flame was really strong (still waiting for next 2 month's bill to conclude), not sure if its related as this is the only new thing i have added. Anyway, was told that all problems will definitely be fixed by replacing the nozels from Italy, but since they need to order, so need to wait. Would appreciate feedbacks from other users and advice.
  3. Hi Meemee, Thanks for the reply! do u have Hwa Kwong's contact or addr? so if i use an auto shutter fan, i should not need the mosquito net anymore right?
  4. Hi meemee, Can u elaborate on how ur fan was installed? Any drilling of holes required to mount e acrylic panels to e window? How did u keep e mosquito net? Able to show a pic? Thks!
  5. hi, i am new here and need KM's advice. After reading all the threads..i am inclined to buy: 1) Brandt FE811XS1 (selling S$899 at H/N) 2) Brandt FP867XS1 (selling S$1899 at H/N) then saw this brand at centrepoint: 3) Blomberg 9790X (now offer S$2038) obviously when price is concerned, option1 is only the choice. However, if i decide to buy option2, then shd also consider option3 as it seems to have more functions than Brandt? (e.g. Blomberg: 64L oven cavity interior lighting with 2 square halogen lamps No rotisserie (but there is turnspit function, what is the diff?) 15A 14 cooking functions electronic touch control 3-level telescopic racks Brandt: 54L oven cavity interior lighting with 1 bulb has rotisserie 16A 10 cooking functions rotary knob control can KM advise? i am new in baking but intend to bake a lot in future...not just cakes..but also casseroles, grilling etc. so is option1 good enough? many thanks in advance!
  6. hi Zero, do you have a shop that i can go down and look at the physical? i read the threads and looks like most pple are taking up the Rinnai hob and Fujioh hood. I would like to add in an oven too, can you recommend? i am also looking at kitchen sinks, toilet vanity and ceiling fans. can i sms to you to get more details? thks!