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  1. Hi!! Did u get yours in oak too??? Will love to see your pictures!!!
  2. Haha~ I need to do some pyscho-ing as well! ^5 As much as I love it, I hate to admit that it is indeed a little overpriced in my perspective. Tsk tsk.... Do you know of anywhere that sell tv consoles of such materials and feel??? We tried White Woods but somehow still feel got quite a difference Anyway they are have 15% discount now! And if you happen to buy more than 1 item, they might be able to give u a 20%. Let me know if you get it!!!
  3. continuing from the previous post... Werk Table leg and Glass top by Grafunkt *supposedly a work desk but we are thinking of using it as a dining table instead! and they have this in Oak. Pretty! I am thinking of pairing it with Olive green dining chairs with wooden legs* By dadajie at 2011-09-18 Lalang coat hanger by Granfunkt *ya i am a sucker for Granfunkt... can't help it when they have such beautiful stuff. But this is definitely a luxury item cos it does cost quite a bomb for a coat hanger* By dadajie at 2011-09-18 So much for today! Hopefully by the next blog, I have more ideas on the bedroom! Till then...
  4. Met up with ID yesterday and boy, I was amazed by how different configurations can be achieved on the same floorplan! I was super glad that my ID immediately understood what I was after once I told him my brief concept and even added on a couple of constructive ideas. BUT the down side is of course the numbers... As compared to the previous ID, it is certainly much more expensive. =( Hubby and I are now in a dilemma on which ID to decide on. ID 1 offers a reasonable pricing for the work done (which enables me to do my kitchen with our budget), is a very meticulous and down to earth person but doesn't quite get the idea that I have in mind and the portfolio previously done is unfortunately not near to the concept I have in mind. ID 2 is a young and hip person who probably know the latest trends and most importantly totally understand what I have in mind but the pricing is obviously marked up by quite abit, although within our budget still but I can't do my beloved kitchen I decided if I were to use ID 1, I have to really do alot of research and specifically let him know what I want. But it does defeat the purpose of an ID??? Hubby is more skewed towards ID 2 cos he rather spend alittle more money to get the peace of mind and can depend on the person on the design. Well, that is of course to sacrifice my kitchen which he think is still in good condition, needless for reno. *Headache Headache* Anyway, after visiting the ID yesterday, we went furniture shopping! Visited SPACE, totally wowed by it! Everything I see, everything I like!!! It is simply a musuem of home design. Great place to bring ideas home even if you can't bring the furniture back. Oh, and *ahem* we saw the real Noguchi table. Hahahaha~ Going at $4650, I am happy to buy the replica from Lush instead. Anyway some of the furnitures which we have sourced yesterday! Hmmm.... seems like the reno have yet to start but I have already decided on almost all of the furnitures in the living room! Heeee. Gonna start brainstorming on the bedroom now - whether to use the similar wood and white theme or go for a darker wood colour with black for example for a more cosy and luxe look? Line TV Console by Grafunkt *it is a little over our budget is definitely one of the lust items which I really want!* By dadajie at 2011-09-18 Grafunkt By dadajie at 2011-09-18 TV Console by White Woods *similar theme to what we want, slightly cheaper than Line, might be a good substitute* By dadajie at 2011-09-18 Camp coffee table by Air By dadajie at 2011-09-18 Frame Dining Table by Grafunkt *Simply beautiful but pity that they do not have Oak colour for this* By dadajie at 2011-09-18
  5. TGIF!!!! Finally the long awaited weekend is here! Gonna meet the ID tomorrow for the initial layout plans and guess the decision making on the final ID is not far away! **happy happy** Not rushing into things, definitely wanna make a good comparison before we decide anything. Anyway do all IDs provide a rough quotations during the first layout plan appointment? Seems like some of the IDs are reluctant to do so, but we don't feel comfy to commit anything without seeing the numbers. The layout and ideas can be marvelous but if it is going bust our budget then what's the point? Waiting for the right ID to come and sweep my feet away (both ideas and quotation)! More updates tomorrow!
  6. Thanks for your advice! It definitely sounds like a plan! Baking soda + soap! At least get to save some money for other decors. Gonna mobilize my sisters and their boyfriends! Muahahaha. Think can be done in 1 day! Heh heh heh~ :sport-smiley-004:
  7. Hihi! Thanks for your suggestions! Can it be done? I will be so thankful if it can be done. Let me go check with my ID! I am still thinking I can't escape the fate of scrubbing it with a toothbrush and some chemicals. Hahaha.
  8. After weeks of furniture shopping, hubby and I have a brief idea of what we want. A L shaped sofa is for sure, cos lazy him wanna stretch his feet. He also fell for the Noguchi coffee table at first sight when I brought him to Lush. For someone who doesn't have much wants or ideas for the new house, it is important that I take his little suggestions into big considerations. And *ahem* I do like the Noguchi table too la. Heee~ Just that it seems to be pretty common already. I've seen so many people with their very own Noguchi. I guess pretty things are just well sought after. Shall take it as an affirmation of my taste instead. =P Some thoughts here!!! Gonna AIM and BUY! Dining table By dadajie at 2011-09-15 Wing Chair. Absolutely love the shade of green! But am wondering if a L shaped sofa + arm chair will make the place look too crowded? By dadajie at 2011-09-15 The legendary Noguchi coffee table! Good thing is that we can choose the shade of the table stand! By dadajie at 2011-09-15 Tragg bench from Lush as well. Am thinking of putting a bench or lounge chair at the WIW area. Machiam those boutique stores. Heh heh! By dadajie at 2011-09-15 Another love! Totally different from the above feel, I know. But who doesn't love colours!!! With a black chandelier hanging from above this sofa... Pretty! Need some advice if it will look weird if I go for a different feel in the rooms??? By dadajie at 2011-09-15
  9. Hihi! Wow... 23 years old tile, the previous owner must have taken very good care of it! And you are right, hacking it away will be a waste, what more it fits into your theme. Are those marbles??? I am facing a problem... unfortunately my tiles are hormogenous tiles instead and after speaking to the IDs, they mentioned that hormogenous tiles cant be polished. But the lines in between the tiles are turning yellowish in colour... Am not too sure how I can remove those stains...... My mum suggested brushing with a toothbrush -_-''' That will be quite abit to brush. Hahaha.
  10. Thanks Dreaming! It feels good to have someone agree with my idea! Heee~ How is the progress of your reno??? Looks like I need to read your blog to get more ideas!
  11. Hi Terencetcw, I spoke to my ID bout laminates for the kitchen initially but he mentioned that actually laminates ain't much cheaper and usually can't be done on tabletop cos of the functionality. -_- thought it might look weird if all the doors look new and the tabletop looks 'cui'. So he proposed to changed both the doors and tabletop and just fix onto the current configuration. The rough quote I get for that wasn't very cheap (lemme know if you like to know the quote for this instead) I am abit lost cos this is my virgin Reno experience and I have no idea what is the market rate to do up a kitchen. Maybe u can PM me your quote by the contractor for a whole new kitchen?? Oh boy, the feeling of having to keep to budget but wanna do everything possible is sooooo miserable! Hahaha.
  12. Deciding on the theme of the house is probably one of the toughest decision so far. After reading so many decor magazines and browsing through so many websites, it is hard not to be confused. This one nice, that one nice, everything also nice!!! But one cannot be greedy. Hahaha~ So we have decided to take advantage of the sliding doors we have and go for a bright and airy look. White and wood colour seems like a great combi to bring out the look. But I will still love a splash of colour in the house - think olive green or pastel purple or bright red! Of course, this is not final. Everyday, there's new ideas! Gotta stay focused!!! By dadajie at 2011-09-14 By dadajie at 2011-09-14 By dadajie at 2011-09-14 By dadajie at 2011-09-14 By dadajie at 2011-09-14
  13. While we are still building sandcastles in the air , we have came up with some of the stuff which we wanna do for our new place. Unfortunately, we don't have a BIG budget to do a major overhaul, so we can only choose a few major points to reno. As for the remaining, we can only scrub scrub scrub to make it clean and add some personal touches of decors. Hopefully, we can still pull it off without it looking like a 2nd hand... *fingers crossed* ENTRANCE The current DB box double up as a shoe rack as well. But looking at how the current tenant stack up the shoes one on top of another, I am certain it is not going to be sufficient for us. Especially for my shoe fetish hubby... Shoe rack Lighting at the entrance LIVING ROOM The living room is at original state with no false ceiling and any built in carpentry work. Gonna skip the usual feature wall and opt for off the rack consoles instead for flexibility. I'm a love or hate person who does not have much tolerance for in betweens, it just irks me if I don't get it right. So I guess I am better off buying what I can see and feel than taking such an expensive risk. False ceiling Lights KITCHEN This is the biggest struggle of all. Despite tenanted the house out for almost 5 years, the condition of the house is still in a pretty okay shape. But then again, kitchen being the woman's territory, I will like it to be clean and to my taste when I takeover . Having a dry kitchen island is a dream but is probably not too possible with the space constraint and of course the budget. *grrr* So after many discussions with hubby, we've decided to give and take by keeping the current configuration and just change the cabinet doors, drawers and the table top. Yippie! Dismantling of kitchen table top and existing cabinet doors and drawers Replacing cabinet doors, drawers and table top Changing of hob Changing of kitchen sink and mixer Changing of the oven (that is if budget allows. the tenants have used the oven as a storage space instead! -_-''') MASTER BEDROOM & BEDROOM 1 The biggest project will be in these rooms! As the rooms are tiny, totally unable to accomodate a walk in wardrobe. The only solution is to knock down the wall and combine both rooms. To maximise space planning, we hope to convert the master bedroom to a walk in wardrobe and a study area. While bedroom 1 will be the sleeping area. I'm excited just thinking about it! No more squeezing of handbags! Hacking wall to link the two rooms Sealing of Bedroom 1's door Wall partition for mounting of TV (I can't live without my TV!!!) Walk in wardrobe Study area Lightings MASTER BEDROOM TOILET & COMMON TOILET Super tempted to add a bathtub in the master bedroom toilet but after some serious consideration, we decided to do without it and just keep it simple by just changing the WC. With the current colour theme of black and wood colour, I am thinking how to merge it with the overall theme. Or is it really alright to have a totally different look in the toilet since it is another room? Changing of WCChanging of taps and showerheads Lightings Other than the above, it will be just some general stuff such as painting of the whole apartment, polishing of the floor. Not too sure how the quote will turn out for the above reno. Hope it is cheap cheap then I can do MORE! Heeeeee~ Gonna find time to blog about the themes and styles I likey! Always welcome feedback or advices! Till again~~~
  14. After much struggle with Imageshack (ya... I am a noob =P), here it is!!! Our floorplan! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. After following the T-blogs on Renotalk for the past many weeks, I've finally given in to temptations to start my very own mini blog! I guess it is meaningful to document the building of our FIRST home (with my hubby) and moreover this is probably the best place to seek advices! So.... Let's get it rolling................. Let's start off with a little introduction of our nest. It's a 3 bedroom apartment situated in the Northeast. As it's a ground unit, we got a huge PES area which we can't wait to turn it into a family/friends chilling area. An electrical BBQ kit would be a superb add on. Heh heh~ Another selling point about the unit which we totally fell for is the glass sliding doors which replaces the windows, giving the house a bright and airy feel. Lovely~ While we can't wait to start working on the house, it is currently tenanted out. Booooo.... But we are not stopping there, we are meeting IDs diligently and hope to finalize all details so that once the keys are handed over, the Reno work can start immediately! Weekends are also dedicated to furniture shopping to get new ideas and also to start budgeting. Meanwhile, will appreciate if anyone can give me some feedback on the few ID companies below! After hearing the many bad experiences of others with their ID/contractors, I am getting really wary. Looking forward to hearing from anyone! Cheers! - IDEmboss - United Team Lifestyle - The Ministry of Design